Clynol Care and Style review

March 6, 2012
Clynol Shampoo offers expert haircare
Clynol shampoo
I don’t often venture into reviewing hair products (apart from my post on coconut oil, the miracle moisturiser).  However, when something I haven’t tried before comes my way, I’m happy to share my thoughts.
When it comes to hair, I’m pretty lucky (I guess this is the pay-off for having shiny skin) – my hair is thick, full and straight so it requires minimal styling and occasional straightening, plus I’ve never felt the need to go near a set of hair extensions, nor would I hit the bottle (of hair dye, that is).  I’m rather proud of my crowning glory, so don’t see the need for excessive grooming.
However, one thing about my hair that is a slight bugbear is its texture.  Asian hair in itself is naturally thick, but it can also be coarse.  So while I would never trade on thickness, I would love it to be a bit smoother.  Also, hair re-growth can be a pain – when you’re left with short sprouting hairs at the top of your head, it’s not a good look!
So anyway, I was hoping Clynol’s range would be the answer, or at least help.  Clynol is apparently made by and for hair professionals (but then so was tresemme, the cynic in me points out).
Anyways, it promises to smooth and salvage dull and brittle hair. While my mane’s not brittle, the coarse texture can sometimes leave it looking a bit dull.
I’ve been using three products from Clynol’s Moisture collection:
  • Hydrate Shampoo (£8.90, 300ml)
  • Dream Bi-Phase Leave-In Conditioner (£9.90, 250ml)
  • Charm Lightweight Treatment (£10.15, 200ml)
The range itself looks and smells exactly like a professional haircare range should.  It’s not fruity, but has a slightly more clinical smell.  Think Pantene, rather than Fructis.
So, let me tell you about the conditioner first.  It’s a spray-on, leave-in conditioner, to use after towel drying your hair.  This was a strange concept for me.  Usually, I religiously use a shampoo and conditioner in the shower, and the times that I’ve ran out of conditioner have been disastrous, as my hair has been a coarse and tangled mess.
So perhaps it’s testimony to Clynol’s Shampoo that my wet, unconditioned hair felt smoother and softer than it usually does after using shampoo alone, so therefore feels better than other more mainstream shampoos I’ve used.
I guess that leaving in a conditioner means that the goodness isn’t being washed away.  A downside would be that with the spray in conditioner, I was never quite sure that I was covering all my hair.  However, this was outweighed by the fact that my hair did feel a lot sleeker after using the conditioner, so my trigger happy spraying couldn’t have been too bad.
Having used the product for several weeks, I feel that my hair looks smoother and shinier, so despite my whinges, I’d definitely give the shampoo and conditioner a thumbs up.  The shampoo in particular is strong enough to cut through my coconut oil hair mask, yet gently enough to use daily.

Clynol Care and Style review – an inconvenient conditioner

I haven’t used the Charm Lightweight Treatment so much.  This is mainly due to the inconvenience of it.  Like the conditioner, the treatment itself is applied after washing and towel drying hair.  However, unlike the conditioner, the treatment needs to be washed out afterwards.  Call me lazy, but the idea of washing my hair twice within the space of an hour seems like a bit of a faff.
However, I would say that when I do apply the treatment, I don notice that my hair feels lovely, so it’s nice to use as a treat when you have time for some pampering.  I really should make the effort to use the Charm Lightweight Treatment more.
Overall, I’d happily recommend the Clynol Shampoo for anyone wanting smoother hair.  I can’t promise Liv Tyler’s sleekness in her Pantene ad, but I think that her gorgeously glossy locks are much more to do with styling, lighting and aibrushing, than the shampoo itself!
Finally, you may notice that the Clynol range is a little more expensive than other high street shampoos, however, in this instance I think the price is justified.
I would liken it to Kerastase, the salon-touted shampoo which I’ve paid a fortune for in the past.  Except I like Clynol’s range more, and it’s about half the price of Kerastase.

Quick fire summary:

–        Makes hair softer and smoother
–        Strong enough to wash out coconut oil or other hot oil masques
–        Keeps hair sleek between washes
–        Doesn’t irritate
–        Cheaper than many salon brands
–        Smells nice!
–          More expensive than many high street brands
–          Applying the Charm Lightweight Treatment (hair masque) is a bit of a chore
–          Spray on application of leave-in conditioner means you may miss some of your hair.
Conclusion – Clynol is a great shampoo for hair that needs a moisture boost – it’s a thumbs up from me!

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