Avocado face mask – brilliantly moisturising

February 3, 2012
Avocado face mask
My last post (Avocado and egg hair mask – a messy business) was slightly disparaging towards the messy – but ultimately softening – results of applying avocado and egg to your hair.
Well, I’m happy to report that an avocado face mask delivers great results for dry, winter worn skin.
It started like this, I cut an avocado in half and scooped out the goodness to put in a salad (are you seeing a theme here? I’m totally on the avocado diet right now, can’t stomach it alone, but its great mixed with onions, tomato and olive oil).
Anyway, I was left with the outer skin, which still had some avocado in it – you know, that funny amount that is not worth scooping out, but a shame to waste.
I remembered that while looking up avocado hair recipes, I’d read that your face could get a real moisture boost by simply massaging avocado into your skin. This is because avocado is apparently rich in natural oils, which can soften the skin.
So I rubbed the avocado leftovers onto my face.  I left this on for 10 minutes – during which I looked a total state with darkened avocado on my face – and rinsed away.

Avocado face mask – the results

I was left with instantly softened skin.  Now I don’t suffer particularly badly with dry skin, but like most, my skin needs a little more love over winter.  I imagine it would work wonders for those who are more prone to dry, chapped skin.
The best thing about this mask is its simplicity – you’re just using the bits of the avocado you’d throw away anyway!  I would totally recommend this as a cheap, hassle free route to softer skin.

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