Avocado and egg hair mask – a messy route to softer hair

January 30, 2012
Avocado and egg
Avocado and egg – a sticky combo
The other day, I was making a salad when I had one avocado left over.  It was pretty ripe so it needed to be put to use pretty soon.  Since I’d heard that avocado is a great beauty aid, I Googled beauty recipes to see what I could do.
As the avocado was on its way out, I opted for a hair mask instead of a face mask, as I didn’t want to risk a breakout!
I came up with a pretty simple recipe for a hair mask of avocado and egg.  All it involved was mixing the two ingredients together and applying to my hair for 30 minutes.

Avocado and egg hair mask – messy business

The application however, was easier said than done.  The mask was sticky, gloopy and didn’t quite break down, so I found that it was difficult to massage into my scalp.  The mask hardened pretty much as soon as it came into contact with my hair, so I had to act quickly to get an even coverage.
I left the hair mask on for half an hour, during which time, my hair was rock-hard! It’s definitely not a look I would want anyone to see!  On the plus side, removing the mask was easier than I thought and came out with just a couple of rinses.  Another downside, however, was that it did cause a terrible mess with leftover bits of avocado in the shower – not a nice cleaning job.
Messiness aside, the avocado and egg hair mask left my hair incredibly soft, so it definitely wasn’t a wasted effort.  If you can handle the egg smell and messiness, and don’t mind being quarantined for half an hour, I would recommend the avocado and egg hair mask.
Personally, however, I think that I’ll stick to the coconut oil hair mask.  It’s easier to apply as it doesn’t run through your fingers and it also creates less of a mess as it doesn’t drip so much.  Also, if you put a towel over your pillow, you can keep coconut oil in your hair overnight to give your hair a real moisture boost.  I couldn’t imagine doing the same with the avocado and egg hair mask.
Finally, (the real deal-breaker for me) with coconut oil, you just look like a greasy bitch, instead of a greasy, eggy and messy one.  For me, that’s the better of two evils.



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