Trying aloe vera for skincare

January 4, 2012
It’s been nearly twelve months since I started writing HalimaBobs.  I was fiercely determined to find the elixir of perfect skin, and also share my thoughts on the awesome – and not so great – beauty products out there vying for your money.
While the latter is being fulfilled – and I’m getting to be a dab hand when applying my own makeup – my skin isn’t exactly what I’ve aspired towards.
It seems that a year on, I’ve come full circle.  I started the blog blemish-prone and peeved with the way my skin still thought it’s a teenager.  Facing 2012, my skin still thinks it’s a teenager.  And it’s not funny anymore.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the winter weather doesn’t agree with my skin.  Perhaps it’s the harsh cold outside, countered by the artificial heat of the radiator and air conditioning, or the fact that at this time of year I do eat less fruit and more crap.  Whatever the reason, winter and I are not friends.
However, I am taking action.  As my skin is a bit dryer, I’ve swapped my Avene Anti-shine regulating lotion for Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream.  I’m drinking water by the gallon and there’s fruit at my desk.  I haven’t eaten it yet, but it’s there nonetheless.
But I’m pinning my hopes on a much simpler solution – the humble aloe vera plant I recently purchased.
My aloe vera plant
The aloe vera plant – my skin saviour?
I’ve heard amazing things about the humble aloe vera for skincare.  Not least that it’s a remedy for eczema, bad skin and psoriasis.  All this from a plant, how could I not try it?
I’ve researched online the best ways to use aloe vera, and general consensus seems to be to just smear the gel of the leaf on my face – simple enough.
Once the leaves are strong enough I’ll be giving this a whirl, and will of course share my thoughts with a full review.  It might just save my skin.

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