When does bling become gaudy?

When does bling become gaudy?


While my blog generally looks at beauty, I felt the need to deviate slightly as the aforementioned question is one that both unites and divides.

After months of speculation and excitement, Kate Middleton finally married her prince. Watched by the world, Kate became a fairytale princess and her sister Pippa also stepped up to the plate in a form-fitting white cowl neck dress. So stunning was Pippa’s entrance, that she was dubbed ‘Her Royal Hotness’ and Twitter and Facebook went into overdrive, with trends and fan pages devoted to the other Middleton.
While no doubt the dress was lovely in its simplicity, one thing struck me – the sheer lack of accessories. The desi in me balked at the sight of Pippa’s bare wrists and neck, which would be a complete no-no at an Asian wedding. Just last week I attended a wedding armed with dozens of sparkling bangles and earrings as heavy as a newborn baby (I’m exaggerating. Only slightly). And I wasn’t alone, every other women was taking part in a subconscious battle of the bling.
Even the new Duchess of Cambridge herself was as minimalist as could be, perhaps a nod to the current financial climate. Kate’s make-up was barely-there, a far cry from the daringly-coloured eyelids of the Asian bride, her earrings were simple and I couldn’t help but feel that her veil should have had a bit of sparkle, like Princess Diana’s.
Having said that, Kate’s simplicity is her strength, and a set of diamante bangles would have looked slightly out of place on her laced-wrist. This has caused me to rethink my view that sparkly is always best, and begs the question, where do you cross the line, and when does bling become gaudy?
Beyond weddings, big and sparkly has always been my mantra. I’ve never believed in barely-there jewellery or accessories, even when it comes to my timepieces. While I have a silver Oasis bangle watch for everyday wear, my real favourites are my gold Guess watch and my black cuff watch, also from Guess. The latter was a birthday present from friends (which, to be honest, I asked for), and the former was a purchase I just had to have. Though in hindsight, the gold Guess watch, with its decorative ‘Gs’ looks a little like a knock-off Gucci.
Guess watches in black fabric and gold metal
Guess watches to make Kim Kardashian proud
I have friends who are the polar opposite, opting for simple and understated. I never understood this notion, I mean if you’re spending good money on accessories, why not get something you can see?
However, I think the answer is accessorising appropriately for the occasion. While bangles, bindis and tikka’s might work for Asian weddings, they wouldn’t translate for an English wedding.
Likewise, while Pippa managed to shimmy her way into worldwide fame in her slinky Alexandra McQueen by Sarah Burton number, she would have been greeted with gasps due to her non-existent accessories and blink-and-you’ll miss it detailing if she had rolled up at a desi wedding in such a get-up.

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