Threading hair removal update – shrieks, tears and whiteheads

March 24, 2011

Threading hair removal update – shrieks, tears and whiteheads

A couple of weeks back, I reported how I had decided to set up a threading hair removal service at work to raise money for Shelterbox (Threading – can I convert a team of sceptics?).  At the time I received a lukewarm response.  Most of my female colleagues were either a) petrified at the thought of threading b) in denial about their facial fluff or c) happy with their facial fluff.
Well I’m pleased to report that I’ve had my first flush of clients, all of which had different responses to their treatment (Names have been omitted to protect identities):
Client A) Had a fantastic result.  Loved the clean look achieved by the humble thread (it also exfoliated her skin).  Crucially, she could handle the initial pain and barely flinched as her hair was being pulled from the root.  I was very pleased with the outcome, though felt a tad guilty when a couple of days later, she greeted me with some whiteheads that had developed as a result of exposed pores.  I had to stress the importance of exfoliation, and I am pleased to say she has made a full recovery.
Client B) Had never threaded her eyebrows before.  So in the confines of the meeting room where her treatment was being carried out, she literally shrieked.  The entire office listened on in horror.  She managed to muster the courage to endure the rest of the treatment, and actually was pleased with the outcome, and in fact has said she would get a touch-up in a few weeks.  However, her piercing scream did put off others, and I didn’t pick up any further clients for a fortnight.
Client C) Brilliant!  High pain threshold, very cooperative as I instructed her to pull her face taut so I could grip the hairs.  We were both happy with the results.  Overall, a good job done and a very happy client.
Client D) Poor dear.  Cried, cursed and laughed throughout the procedure, which as a result took a lot longer.  Worse still, likened threading to childbirth (and shared this sentiment with colleagues, which is bad PR for the service).  The redness didn’t go down for an hour.  However, again, she was pleased with the result, but I don’t think she’ll be booking again anytime soon.
So I won’t be charity champion of the year at this rate, but at least I’m introducing the fine art of threading to a new audience.  next time, I will include the caveat – no pain, no gain.
Oh, and by the way, for those who thought threading hair removal is only necessary for asian girls, look at the picture, taken from the Daily Mail, of the usually gorgeously groomed Kate Winslet.

P.s. if you want to learn how to thread your own facial hair, check out my video tutorial here.

DIY eyebrow threading tutorial and demo
To see me thread my own eyebrows for the first time, click here.

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