Facial threading for the first time

March 8, 2011
I have recently been tasked with raising money for Shelterbox, a charity which provides temporary shelter for families affected by disaster-zones worldwide.
What could I do to help the cause?  I could run a marathon – but I struggle with stairs.  I could have a bake sale, but my forte is more savoury than sweet.
Trying to think outside the box, I ultimately revert to stereotype and attempt to introduce the art of threading to my non-desi colleagues.  Threading is by far the best solution for fast-effective hair removal, in my book anyway.  Forget hair removal creams, wax strips and the like, the humble thread should be every girls best friend.
However, introducing the concept to my colleagues was received with a slightly lukewarm response.  A handful of takers so far.
It could be that many of the girls in the office are scared of the pain. It could be that they don’t need or want their upper lip / eyebrows threading. Or it could be that the thought of having facial hair removed in a glass-walled meeting room, in full view of our open-plan office is too much to bear.  Either way, I don’t want to approach my colleagues directly, as I don’t think that suggesting that they should get their facial fluff removed will make me any friends.
Despite threading become increasingly mainstream, with department stores charging a pretty penny to women who are happy to endure the pain in the shop window (great advertising), it seems there’s a job to do before I can convert my office sceptics.
Hmm, maybe I should have got baking after all.
P.S. To watch my video on how to thread your own eyebrows, upper lip, or facial hair, see below:


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