Covid-19 – some comic relief for (nearly) free

Halima Khatun’s The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage
Hi all,

It’s a scary and difficult time for many of us right now. You can’t move for stories of coronavirus. However, aside from the panic buying of bog roll stories all over social media, some good has come out of it.

Communities have pulled together, and people are helping each other. Even on my street, my local book club whatsapp group has converted to a group for everyone to help each other, with a specific focus on the elderly that are now having to self-isolate.  I was interviewed about this in the Telegraph, which you can read here.

I wondered what I could do to help. As I’m due any day now, I’m advised to self-isolate myself so can’t really pull my weight (no pun intended) physically.

I’ve already blogged some food/pantry ideas, as well as some tips for working from home with the kids around but beyond that, the only thing I could think of is to give out my one offering (which has made many people laugh) for free. I tried to make the Kindle version of The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage free so that people could at least have something amusing to read (away from the doom and gloom of the news) whilst in isolation.

But Amazon won’t allow it. So I’m doing the next best thing, which is reduce it to the lowest possible price so more people can read it if they want to. For the next five days, The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage will be priced at just 0.99p for the ebook.

Please don’t think of this as a cynical marketing ploy. I’ll actually take financial hit and stand to make pennies from this but it doesn’t matter. There’s bigger issues at large. Many of us are doing what we can to help, this is my small way.

The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage sale

Halima Khatun’s The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage

If you’ve not read my book, or know someone who could use the distraction, feel free to share this.

You can get the book here.

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