Taxim restaurant South Woodford, London review 

February 9, 2018

So now I’ve left the city (well, central London anyway) and moved to the burbs, I figured I would be letting my loyal foodie lovers down if I didn’t blog about the local delicacies.

Now my foodie posts may be (shock horror) less frequent as hubby is on a health kick. So until I find another partner in edible crime I’m going to share some of my recent gastronomic escapades. Starting with this review of a little old Turkish restaurant in South Woodford called Taxim.

Sitting on the busy(ish) high street. Taxim is a cute and authentic looking Turkish restaurant. It has the signature raw meat being cooked at the front of the house, and an intimate, rustic feel inside.

Turkish lamps in Taxim restaurant

The decor is notably dark, with stunning Turkish lamps adorning the walls and ceiling.  One big thing I’ve noticed living out in the (sort of) sticks is that if you go to restaurants in the weekday, they’re pretty empty.

This is a complete departure for me, as I’m used to bustling eateries at all hours. Then again, my local restaurants used to be on Brick Lane, one of the UKs most famous curry miles.

So my point is, no need to book a reservation.

Anyhoo, here’s what we had…

We opted for the lunch at Taxim restaurant. With a baby in tow, date nights are few and far between, so lunch for the three of us is the way to go.

They have a lunch offer of two dishes – a starter and main for £8.95.

When it comes to Turkish or middle eastern cuisine, I’m a creature of habit. That’s because the times I veered away and tried something different, I’ve been disappointed. Case in point is Tas restaurant, where their casserole style dishes looked pretty but failed to serve up flavour. So we didn’t want to go off-piste at Taxim.

Starters at Taxim South Woodford

For the starter we stuck with two firm Turkish favourites – sujuk, which is spicy beef sausage and lahmacum, or Turkish pizza.

The sausage was delicious, in fact one of the best I’ve tried. It had a good hit of lemon and the right amount of heat.

The lahmacun was less spicy than others I’ve tried, such as the Turkish pizzas served up at Maedah Grill and Efes. And shock horror, they only gave us three-quarters of the pizza, which was bizarre. I hadn’t quite figured out where the fourth piece has gone.


Taxim South Woodford chicken beyti

For the mains, we opted for Adana kebab and a chicken beyti. The kebab tasted good and was well herbed and seasoned, but the chicken beyti was a bit lacklustre. Having had a similar dishes elsewhere, I felt that the Taxim version was a bit too bland, with lots of tomato but a distinct lack of spice. Also, the bread that was nestled underneath was just soggy from all the juice.

Being greedy pigs, we had to have some chips on the side, which again just weren’t as nice as the steak chips that we’ve had at other Turkish restaurants. You’d kind of think you can’t go wrong with chips, but these chips were more grease and less potato.

Surprisingly, Taxim didn’t give a round of complimentary bread. This is normally a staple at Turkish restaurants, but not so here. That said, there was plenty of food so bread wasn’t really needed.

So overall, it sounds like a pooh-pooh review of Taxim restaurant. But it wasn’t all bad. Two out of four dishes were great. The others were perhaps bad choices on our part, and a missing Lahmacun quarter on theirs.


Taxim restaurant South Woodford in a nutshell:

Prices: the lunch menu is £8.95 for two courses. Otherwise most starters are under £5, while mains are between £8 and £12.

Halal: yes

Great if… you like traditional Turkish starters and slightly blander dishes.

Not so great if... you want a flavourful, spicy punch. Or you like your free bread basket.


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