Christmas gift ideas for babies

So my final gift guide is all about the bubba… enjoy!

Christmas gift ideas for babies

Lamaze Spin and Explore garden gym



Tummy time is a thing in our house. Basically Hannah needs to get in around 10 minutes on her front a day to help work her spine and back muscles. But as any mum will know, getting a three-month-old to stay on their back for any longer than two minutes without becoming tetchy is hard going.

That’s where Lamaze’s Spin and Explore Garden gym is a great gift for anyone with a little one. With a curved seat for baby to get on their front, the garden features mirrors, felt toys, Velcro and a whole host of sensory features. It means little Hannah’s stays on her front for a little longer.

The Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden gym, as modelled by Hannah, is available from Amazon.


Twiddle ons

Twiddle ons gift ideas for babies

Hannah is on a voyage of discovery. And I’m there with her every step of the way. She found her hands. So now it’s time for her to locate her feet and Twiddle ons is just the thing to help with that.

These clever little feet toys rattle each time she shakes a leg, so it’s only a matter of time before she realises those funny dangly things with five round ends belong to her.

If there’s a small person in you’d like quite literally finding their feet, gift them Twiddle ons here.


Jojo Mamane Bebe stocking

Giant Christmas stocking

Fun, cute and quirky, this big stocking can not only be filled with lots of presents, your little one can climb right in too. Disclaimer – obviously keep your eye on your child if they do climb in.


Walkers shortbread musical tin and rocking Robin

Festive Musical tin img_4215

Who said biscuits can’t be fun? Certainly not Walkers. The legendary shortbread makers have created a festive musical tin, which plays a tune when wound. To continue the fun, they’ve got quirky rocking tins which spin and wobble. They come as a robin, snowman and Santa. Hours of fun guaranteed, as the little ones can play with the tins long after you’ve polished off the contents.


Bebe au lait breastfeeding apron

Bebe au lair breastfeeding apron

Ok so this is a totally practical gift which you might not expect to see in a baby gift guide. However, the breastfeeding apron is one of the best things I could have asked for.

Basically, they’re aprons which have an open section on top so you can see your baby to make sure they’re feeding properly.

So while you can see them, nobody can see you feeding. Therefore it’s the perfect thing to help you feed comfortably, without needing to be housebound.

Any new mum that struggles to breastfeed outside the house will love you for gifting this. And the Bebe au Lait breastfeeding apron comes in a beautiful motif gender neutral design, so it feels more like a gift. I’ve detailed my love of breastfeeding aprons more here.

For a range of breastfeeding aprons, click here.

Pure Potions Baby and Child skincare gifts


I’ve raved about Pure Potion in my gift ideas for her, but they also have amazing, organic and natural products for babies.

Case in point, their Chamomile baby oil, and their lavender nappy salve, both of which are 100% natural.

And the brain behind Pure Potions knows a thing or two about babies. Pure Potions is lovingly created by a mum who found that traditional products were irritating her daughters delicate skin. So after creating her own products, having a stint on Dragon’s Den, and to being awardedBest Eczema Range 2017 by Natural Health International Beauty Awards, Pure Potions has gone from strength to strength.

The products are free of parabens, microplastics or SLS. So make the perfect gift for babies delicate skin.


Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

Light up Turtle baby toy

One of Hannah’s favourite morning toys is the Cloud B Tranquil Turtle. As well as looking cute, Tranquil Turtle projects an underwater light effect onto ceilings at night.

It also plays a soothing melody as well as an ocean wave.

In fact, turn off the lights, turn on the Turtle, and you’ve brought the deep sea into baby’s bedroom.

Well worth gifting to a sleep deprived mum for their overstimulates bubba.


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