Sugar-free mango lassi recipe – healthy mango milkshake

June 27, 2017

This recipe for a sugar-free mango lassi (it’s kind of like a mango milkshake), is not only healthy, but it’s delicious and super easy to make. The lassi can also be frozen to create a mango-flavoured frozen yoghurt.   

Frozen mango lassi yoghurt

I’ve recently been on the hunt for healthy cold desserts.  I almost bought an ice-cream maker so I could make my own healthy ice-creams. I toyed with the idea of ice lolly moulds. Essentially, I was looking at anything that would keep me away from the tub of shop-bought ice cream in my freezer.

So as mangoes were in season, and we had some super-ripe, super sweet honey mangoes at home, I decided to make a lassi.

For the uninitiated, a lassi is an Indian yoghurt drink.  It can be just a yoghurt base with added cardamom and saffron. There’s even a salty version, which I cannot comprehend. However the most common version to be served up at your local Indian restaurant is the staple mango version. It’s super-sweet, cold, creamy and thick. However, my only bugbear with bought lassi is that you don’t know how much sugar goes into it.

A look online at recipes suggests you need to add four teaspoons of sugar, which totally goes against my quest for a healthy dessert/drink.

So I whipped up a sugar-free version of the decadent lassi. This is no exaggeration – it was up there with some of the best lassis I’ve tried.  And it made me realise that you really don’t need all that sugar. As a bonus, you’re getting a LOT of calcium, so to my mind, it’s healthy.

The trick is to use super-ripe, almost on their way out mangoes. The kind that are nice and soft. The sweetest ones, branded honey mango or kesar mango, can be found in most Asian supermarkets. They’re currently in season here in the UK (i.e. summertime).

And as for the other ingredients? Well, it’s just yoghurt and milk.

So here is my sugar-free mango lassi recipe. It’s almost laughable to call it a recipe as it really is that easy.

Ingredients for sugar-free mango lassi (makes one tall glass)

1 ripe mango, peeled and chopped roughly

3 tbsps full fat Greek style natural yoghurt (You could try lighter yoghurt, but the texture may not be the same)

½ glass of milk (I prefer full fat)

Method for sugar-free mango lassi

Blitz the three ingredients in a blender or smoothie maker.

That. Is. It.

For a mango-flavoured frozen yoghurt / ice cream version:


Place the blitzed lassi into a container and freeze

Stir every hour or so to maintain texture

Take out after about 4 hours of freezing. Leave to stand for about 20 minutes

Then serve.

Sugar free mango lassi recipe – done. Give it a try. Totally heatwave friendly, and the easiest tastiest drink you might have made.


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