Baking under eyes tutorial for no creases – WTF?

So when I first heard about baking under eyes as a makeup technique and not a cooking method, I thought WTF?? Is this just another fad? However, I have decided to give it a try as my under eyes are the one thing which let me down when I do a full face of makeup. Once I put foundation on, my under eyes appear darker, ashier and more creased.

After watching a couple of tutorials, I try this out for myself, so watch me do a spot of baking, with concealer, and a LOT of translucent powder, and see the before and after results for yourself.

Hack: Conceal dark circles using red lipstick! 

Dark and creased under eyes on asian/dark skin

Under eyes before baking 

bright baked makeup and concealer

Under eyes after baking

The products used in this tutorial:

  • Doll 10 Foundation in Tan
  • Doll 10 Concealer in Tan
  • Jane Iredale PurePressed foundation
  • NYX Translucent Powder
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
  • So Eco Foundation Brush

For the second eye, I used the same products, but started with a red lipstick for my under eye. You can see the red lipstick for under eyes tutorial here, and the baking tutorial with red lippie here.

Under eye baking – my final word…

OK, so while I had my doubts about baking, I was impressed with the results. I did feel that my under eyes looked a lot brighter, and in pictures you could hardly see any creases. However, in person, I did still have some minor creasing and I wouldn’t say that my under eyes looked ‘perfect’. In fairness, I am a creasy lady, so it’s probably a problem I will have regardless of how much concealer and powder I slap on.

Another plus is that the oily residue I normally get under my eyes after wearing makeup for a long time wasn’t there. But a slight negative was that I did find it hard to remove the powder after baking.  I would also say that the second eye, where I used the red lipstick concealer method, looked better than the first.

So overall, baking does get the thumbs up, but it’s something I will save for a more dressy occasion rather than everyday wear.


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