Ramadan – The reason for my absence…

So regular readers of this blog may have found that I’ve been noticeably absent with posts and social media updates.  So huge apologies for denying you my usual witty, self-deprecating rants and occasional reviews. but I’m hoping the grainy pictures below which explain my reasons for a very legitimate radio silence:

Keema samosas with spring roll pastry


Homemade keema samosas made from pastry


A typical iftar meal during Ramadan

That’s right, we’re in the throes of Ramadan! More than halfway through in fact.  So as you can see, I’ve been busy making (and eating) samosas, and consuming lots of fruit to balance out the deep fried snacks.

OK, so this goes against my health kick of late (which you can read about here), however, given that I am only having one full meal a day, I hope I can be forgiven for the occasional indulgence.

I’ve also taken this Ramadan as an opportunity to make the most of the month and being more spiritual, as it’s a great opportunity to switch off from the usual barrage of social media and trash TV (Kardashians) we have in our everyday lives. And so far it’s been amazing, with no headaches, major hunger pangs or side effects.

Rest assured, I’ll be back to blogging in a couple of weeks, with my usual concotion of makeup, food and life in general.

Bye for now!


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