A manicure without the nail polish – Emjoi Micro Nail review

November 11, 2015
 I may have mentioned this before on my blog, but nails are totally not my forte.
In fact, as sloppy as this sounds, the last time I painted my nails was for my wedding. Three years ago.
As a result of the lack of nail colour, I feel that I have to take extra care to make sure my nails are strong and healthy, and shiny. And the latter is where Emjoi’s Micro Nail Polisher, a product I was sent for consideration, helps.
Shiny nails after using Emjoi's Micro Nail buffer and polisher

I’ve previously raved about Emjoi’s Micro Pedi, which removes the hard skin from heels. In fact my rather gross footage demonstrating the Micro Pedi in action is one of my top viewed videos.  While Emjoi’s Nail Polisher version doesn’t have quite the same wow factor (it’s quite hard to top dusting a of dry skin scattering like snow), it does a pretty nice job of buffing and shining my nails. I’ve reviewed it previously with before and after pics, but I thought I’d share a video demo of how the Micro Nail Polisher works.

And for the heels…

To see the Emjoi Micro Pedi at work in all it’s crusty feet softening glory, check out the video below…

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