Applying false lashes for the first time

September 10, 2015
So I tried to put on fake eyelashes myself for the first time. And it wasn’t pretty.
I’ve only ever worn false lashes when they were applied by a makeup artist. Even then I wasn’t the biggest fan of them. They felt like a weirdly heavy feather on my eyes, and the fact I could actually see them sitting on top of my eyelids whilst they were on didn’t help.
So when it came to elongating my lashes I’d stick to coats of mascara, leaving the falsies the more handy bloggers out there.
But I have to admit, the few times I have worn lashes, and when I’ve seen it on other people, the result is beautiful!
I’ve mentioned that I’m a false lash novice a few times in my YouTube video tutorials, mainly as a way of excusing my half done makeup looks. When doing my eyes, my transition shade and blending may be on point (or at least getting better), but the lack of flutter can leave the look missing that finishing touch.

Applying false lashes on camera

So, as I recently went to a wedding, I figured this was the perfect time to try on the falsies. And of course, record for you to see. So enjoy my real-time attempt, and if course, don’t forget to subscribe.
False lashes tutorial for novices

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