Easy midweek meal – chicken burrito recipe

August 19, 2015
So here’s the perfect halfway house, a chicken burrito which involves next to no cooking! All the ingredients you need are simple, and trust me, this is way better than paying through the nose to get something from one of those Tex-Mex places.
As I was particularly tired last night, the chicken was a total cheat courtesy of KFC *shamed face*.  However, you can either use shop bought chicken breast (some come ready-marinated in different flavours), or you can roast your own chicken from scratch, though this does fly in the face of making a quick and easy cheat meal.
But you can make some things fresh, such as the salad, which consists of lettuce, cucumber and tomato, and some guacamole (see my recipe for authentic guacamole here).
The rice I’ve used for this was an Innocent Veg Pot, which contained kidney beans, carrots and other veg in a curry sauce.  However, this burrito would work just as well with plain boiled rice with perhaps a dash of lemon juice for flavour.
So preparing is simple. Just heat up the wrap for ten seconds in the microwave, then pile on some salad in your wrap.  After that, the order in which you load up the rest is entirely up to you.
One word of advice – don’t overfill, otherwise you’ll end up with a wrap like mine, which I had to eat with a knife and fork.
Other than that, roll up and enjoy!
I may have said this before, but I’ll be mixing up ‘proper’ cooking with cheats like this.  I never claimed to be Nigella.  But perhaps that’s a good thing.

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