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January 11, 2015
As mentioned in my last post, hubby and I are kicking off 2015 with a renewed attempt at a healthy lifestyle.  We’ve tried and failed in the past, but this time we’re taking inspiration from a specific programme.  Or at least my hubby is, I’m playing the part of the supportive wife by sharing the same meals.
The programme in question is Kenzai, a diet and exercise plan which promises long term results if followed over a three-month period.
Our new eating plan, which cuts out added fat, salt, and sugar, is taking a bit of getting used to.  I’m doing the half-baked version, swapping in some foods outside the rules for myself.  But hubby is totally embracing the healthy lifestyle with an exercise routine to boot.
So this is what we had today:

What we ate today – breakfast

Vegetable omelette with two slices of wholemeal toast without butter

Omelette with peas and sweetcorn with toast
The omelette is cooked without oil in a non-stick frying pan.  I first added sliced onions, followed by frozen peas and sweetcorn, then add some diced steamed potatoes left over from last night.  Finally, I break in two eggs and stir before allowing to set.  I’ve found that using frozen peas and sweetcorn really help the cooking process as they add vital moisture from their water.  Also, being naturally sweet and flavoursome, they don’t require the addition of salt.

What we ate today – Lunch

Cod on a bed of steamed vegetables

Baked cod, roasted peppers and steamed potatoes with pineapple for dessert
For this light lunch, I first steamed some sliced potatoes and green beans.  Then I transferred the vegetables to a foil-lined pyrex dish and added sliced peppers and onions.
I seasoned the cod with lemon juice, black pepper and parsley, covered with the foil and baked in the oven for 20 minutes.  For the last five minutes of cooking, I left the dish uncovered, so the fish could get slightly brown.

What we ate today – dinner

Grilled chicken burger with baked chips, peas, sweetcorn, and Bangladeshi tomato salad

 Healthy burger, roasted wedges, peas and sweetcorn and tomato relish dinner
Basically a healthy burger and chips.  The chicken is first seasoned with herbs – I had three breasts, so I used curry powders on one, and Italian herbs on the other.  A trick to make sure the herbs set in is to place the chicken breast on a roll of greaseproof paper, sprinkle with herbs on both sides, then cover with the rest of the paper and bash with a rolling pin.  This will flatten the chicken and let the herbs and spices set in.
The chips were first steamed, before putting under the grill.  Honestly speaking, I did miss the salt, so
next time, I’ll probably drizzle some lemon juice, or add a salt alternative.
The tomato salad is a Bengali staple, with chargrilled tomatoes and garlic.  You can find the recipe here.

What we ate today – snack

Bioglan Supergreens juice drink

Bioglan, a brand that my mum often purchases from Holland and Barrett has a Supergreens range that contains a variety of powders from goji berry, beetroot, spirulina, kale, broccoli, blueberry, cranberry… I could list them all, but honestly, there are dozens, with each two teaspoon serving containing 16 portions of fruit and vegetables, equivalent to more than your five a day.
In fact, here’s a pic for you to see yourself:
The ingredients list of Bioglan's Superfood juice drink
Bioglan Superfood juice drink
Sounds insane, but of course, the best option is probably eating the raw fruit and vegetables rather than powder form. However, from a convenience point of view, this is hard to beat.  Plus you’d be hard pressed to get all those nutrients in your diet naturally.
I tried the berry burst version, stirring two teaspoons into water.  It created a dark pink berry colour, just like a juice, and whilst it didn’t taste as refreshing as fresh juice, it wasn’t bad either, with a hint of vanilla and strawberry.  It also made a nice departure from all the water I’ve been drinking.

Pinch of Jamie’s chickpea salad

Jamie Oliver salad with chickpeas, feta, tomaoes and beetroot
I had some of the Jamie Oliver inspired chickpea salad, which I made yesterday.  Full recipe for this is here.

A mixture of fruit

That’s right, our fruit bowl has never been so full.
So I’m slowly finding ways of being more creative but healthy.  My search for a salt substitute goes on, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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