Vietnamese summer rolls recipe

June 30, 2014
A pile of summer Vietnamese summer rolls with sweet chilli dip
Sweet chilli dip – the perfect accompaniment for Vietnamese summer rolls
Now this Ramadan, as well as utilising the time for reflection, contemplation and prayer, I am also – rather superficially – attempting to get rid of my spare tyre.
That’s right, the long fasts afford the opportunity to detox and cleanse, unless of course, I fall foul of the usual trap that gets us all – fasting followed by feasting.
Surprisingly, some people actually put ON weight during Ramadan.  It may sound crazy, but after hours of not eating, we end our fast by trying to consume an entire day’s allowance in one sitting.  And what a feast it is.  Rather than the usual humdrum meal, everything is deep fried, and all the more delicious for it.  Samosas, pakoras, spring rolls… you name it, I’ve eaten more than my share of it during the holy month. Oh, and if you do want to learn how to fold a samosa, check out my quick tutorial – there’s no judgement here.

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But this time I want things to be different.  So similar to last year, I’m going to attempt to make some healthy snacks to make up for the bad stuff.  And of course, I’ll share any good ideas with you.  This brings me to latest offering which we chowed on last night. So for you, this is my healthy Vietnamese summer rolls recipe.
I first tried these at a restaurant in Soho and I was hooked.  The fresh, delicate flavours were not like anything I’d tried before and a far cry from my other favourite, the traditional, oily spring rolls.  And the dipping sauce was divine, and in fact the main highlight of the dish.  Two years on, I’ve finally got around to getting some rice paper rolls so I can make some myself, and it couldn’t be simpler.  No cooking required, just lots of chopping.
Chopped cucumber, carrots and onions - ingredients for Vietnamese summer rolls
The bits you need for Vietnamese summer rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls recipe


To make eight rolls, you need:
Eight round rice paper rolls
Handful vermicelli, soaked in cold water for 15 minutes to soften
One carrot, chopped in half then sliced lengthways into thin sticks
Half a cucumber, chopped like the carrot
Some sliced lettuce (can be gem lettuce, Chinese leaf lettuce, anything crunchy)
Cooked chicken or prawns (chicken should be torn into small pieces
Handful fresh basil leaves
Handful fresh mint leaves

For the dipping sauce you have two options:

– Sweet chilli dipping sauce – 3tbsp sweet chilli sauce, 1/5 tbsp fish sauce and 1tsbp rice vinegar
– Fish sauce – 1tbsp fish sauce, 1sp rice vinegar, squeeze of half a lime, 1tsp brown sugar (Warning –this sauce is incredibly pongy, but tastes delicious.  If you’re entertaining, or don’t want your home to smell of socks, I’d opt for the safer sweet chilli sauce.

Method for Vietnamese summer rolls

Soak the rice paper in a bowl of cold water, then place on a dry chopping board
Rice paper for summer rolls, soaked in water
This is where the fun begins.   Pile the salad, herbs and chicken or prawn in a long mound at the bottom of the paper, leaving about two inches underneath to roll over the filling.
Roll the bottom over, and continue rolling to the top, but before you get to the top, fold in each side, and continue rolling to the end.
Crudite rolled into rice paper for Vietnamese summer rolls


Rolling the filling of a Vietnamese summer roll


Simples!  It’s super easy. The only fiddly bit is the chopping and rolling.  However, it’s well worth the trouble, and may just stave off any nasty deep-friend cravings.  For one day at least.
Homemade Vietnamese summer rolls

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