Healthy suhoor recipe – What to eat in Ramadan

July 11, 2013
If you’re observing Ramadan, congratulations on getting through the first day!
I did promise to share the odd recipe or meal idea, so here’s a good one for sehri, the meal you eat early in the morning to prepare you for fasting:

Cold fruit porridge with yoghurt  

I know it sounds gross, but I love it!  I have cold fruit porridge with yoghurt for breakfast on most days and it keeps me full until lunchtime (avoiding the tempting elevenses of crisps or chocolate).  So it was a natural choice for a suhoor meal.

Like many of you, I struggle to have a proper meal so early in the morning (current wake-up time of 2.30am). Spicy food is difficult to stomach, so I prefer something simple yet filling.

This porridge fits the bill, as it tastes much fresher than gloopy-warm porridge and the yoghurt and fruit combo makes it more like a rice pudding or Muller fruit corner.   Oats offer slow release energy, so you’re fuller for longer, and natural yoghurt helps settle a stomach that has endured too much fried food.

Ingredients for cold fruit porridge with yoghurt:

Rolled oats (I use Quaker Oats)
Natural yoghurt
Any soft fruit (grapes and berries work really well with this)

To make cold fruit porridge with yoghurt:

Soak rolled oats in a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part fruit juice of your choice.  Use enough water and juice so that the oats are just about covered.  Keep in the fridge and all to soak for at least 2-3 hours (it might be wise to soak your oats just after Iftar).  Then, stir in natural yoghurt and soft fruit.
And that’s it! Ready to eat.

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