Asian wedding makeup look – blue and pink eyeshadow tutorial from moi…

February 26, 2013
When my friend Irene – a video production hotshot – offered to shoot a YouTube tutorial for my blog, I wasn’t going to say no.  I always thought about dabbling in vlogging, however I wasn’t too confident in my makeup skills, and also didn’t want a fumbled video with background noise and the occasional swear (from me, when I balls up my tutorial).
However, I knew Irene was a great producer, so she’d come up with something that’s more than a grainy video.  The idea was that it would be a stylish summary of how to put a look together, rather than a detailed tutorial (I might do some of these in the future).
Also, it was pretty good timing, as I had a wedding coming up, where I was wearing a pink and blue saree, so I needed to practice a look to complement my outfit.  Cue the blue and pink eyeshadow tutorial.
Anyway, it was a great idea in theory, until of course the day before the shoot, I remembered that I couldn’t apply my own makeup to save my life, so how could I teach others?
Cue lots of practices, mercilessly harsh makeup removal and a very sore face.
But anyway, my sore face was for a good cause and here’s the final cut.

Bridal blue and pink makeup tutorial

You’ll notice from this video that it doesn’t go into great details about the makeup application itself, but instead shows how to put a look together.  I’ll try and do a follow-up post with a more detailed guide.
As it’s my first Youtube video, be nice!  If I’m feeling brave and I have a spare few hours again, I may well shoot another, more basic video.

This video was produced by Irene Kyme, Midnight Productions.  If you want to see more of her great work, hit her up via Google.


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