DIY Asian mehndi makeup with green and yellow tones

August 12, 2012
Lots of colourful cosmetics
I’ve been having more Asian bridal makeup trials recently than I care to remember. So as a back up, this is my attempt to create my own DIY mehndi makeup with greens and yellow tones!
I’ve feel like I’ve tried every kind of makeup artist, from the one who turned up nearly an hour late, to the one who pushed an unwanted facial treatment, to the lovely makeup artist who bumped up her price when she saw I was happy with her makeover. It was such an experience, that I’ve had to rant about it here.
Anyway, as my search was beginning to look fruitless, I steeled myself for a scary prospect – having to do my own bridal makeup!!!!!!!!
While I would much rather have a makeup artist do it, I decided there was no harm in being prepared for the worst, and also to see if it was possible for an amateur like me to do a half-decent job of bridal makeup.
So I got on the fountain of all beauty knowledge – Youtube – to see if I could copy their techniques. I
found a video tutorial of green eye makeup, which I thought would be great for a mehndi look.
Anyway, before I begin, a few of disclaimers.  This was my first attempt at anything like this, so be nice!
Secondly, the makeover below was a bit spur-of-the-minute, so apologies for any stray eyebrows or general poor grooming.
Finally, being time poor, I kind of rushed the end.  But if I do another bridal makeup trial, I will try my best to do a more thorough job.
Right, so my poor excuses out of the way, see my DIY bridal trial…

What I used to create my DIY mehndi makeup:

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer – Blemish & Shine Control – £29.00

Bellapierre eye makeup base – £12.99

Front Cover Cosmetics Style Queen cosmetics set – £35

Keromask foundation in Medium 02 and Yellow mixer – £14.99 each

Bellapierre 9-stack eyeshadow in Serenity – £59.00

Colour Cotoure Box set – price unknown

Myface Cosmetics blusher in Medium Copa Choca Latte – £14.99

Collection 2000 Eyeshadow in no.15 Love and Money – £2.99

Vie at Home Highlighter Due – £10

Revlon eyshadow – price unknown

Sleek Ink Pot in Dominatrix – approx. £5

Smooch Lip Gloss in Spoilt Bitch – £7.50

Smooch blush duo in Peachy – £8.50

Mally Volumising Mascara – £16.50

I began by applying Murad Hybrids Primer all over my face.  I’ve only just started using this and have found that it creates really nice, smooth base for makeup to glide on.  The colour is universal, so it actually gives a tint to skin.  In non-bridal makeup situations, I would wear this alone with some concealer.

DIY Asian mehndi makeup – the eyes

This of course is the main feature of any Asian bridal look.  I’ve learnt to always start a makeover with the eyes first.  This is because any eyeshadow pigments that falls on your face can be easily wiped away without ruining the rest of your makeup.
I began by applying Bellapierre’s base all over my eyes.
I followed this with Bellapierre’s yellow eyeshadow (from their nine-stack set, Serenity) in the inner third of my eyelid, up to the eye socket.
Base eye makeup
I then added the Collection 2000 Love and Money Green in the centre of my eyelid up to the crease.
To add intensity, I applied a fern shade (I used the green eyeshadow in the Couture set which was given as a gift).
Blue green and yellow eyeshadow before blending
I then blended the yellow with the centre green, and the centre green with the fern to reduce any harsh
Next, I added a gold shade just under the brow bone.  The tutorial actually suggested an orange/yellow tone, but I couldn’t find my Sleek Sunset eye palette which had this shade.
After a little more blending, I then adopted a trick I’d learnt, to wipe the outer corner to the eye to create a smooth block of colour.  Some makeup artists suggest putting sellotape under the eye leading to the outer edge to the eyebrow, but I chose to use a cotton wool ball and smooth away the excess.  This creates a softer finish.
I then of course finished with the obligatory flick of eyeliner and eye pencil on the water line, and a coat
of Mally Mascara.
Green and yellow eye makeup
The eye makeup took the longest, but it is perhaps most dramatic part of the makeover, as any makeup
artist will tell you.

Video: Baking under eye makeup tutorial

The rest was pretty straightforward, and as I mentioned, slightly rushed.

DIY Asian mehndi makeup – the face

I’d already applied a Murad primer, so I then began applying the foundation.  I used Keromask Camouflage Cream in Medium 02, with the Yellow mixer.  I’d previously blogged about Keromask (see here) and commented how I felt it was a little heavy-duty or everyday wear.
However, for bridal makeup, Keromask really steps up to the plate.
I liken Keromask to Kryolan, a stick foundation favoured by many makeup artists, which featured in almost all my bridal makeup trials to date.
I applied Keromask with a sponge, using a foundation brush simply won’t do as the foundation really needs to be worked into the skin.  I’ve noticed many a makeup artists do this, and not only does it blend out creases, I think it increases the foundation’s staying power.
I applied about three pumps of the Medium shade with one smaller pump of the yellow.  In hindsight I think I needed less of the yellow mixer, as the end shade was a little too ‘tan’ for me.
I then worked in another shade of the Medium foundation.  This may seem a little OTT, but I also picked up a tip that foundation can be built upon so don’t be afraid of layering if needs be.
To add some highlight, I dabbed on Vie at Home Duo to the tops of my cheekbones.
I attempted a contour with a darker shade (using the Myface blusher) followed by a duo from Smooch.  If time wasn’t of the essence, I would have added some further highlights with my Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter, as this is what lifts the whole look.  Maybe next time, eh?
I then finished with a coat of Smooch’s Lip gloss, which is bright, vibrant, lasting and totally appropriate for a bridal makeup look. However, I don’t know if this is being me picky, but I’m not sure if the combination of strong eyes, lips and cheeks as a bit much.  If I was to do this again, I may opt for a red-tone lip colour to complement the green eyes.  Whereas the pink-purple lip gloss lends itself better perhaps to a pink, blue or smokey eye.

DIY Asian mehndi makeup – The final look… 

DIY Asian bridal makeup

My conclusion   

OK, so this is my first attempt at doing my own bridal makeup, and put it this way, I won’t be marketing myself as a makeup artist anytime soon!
I’m pretty happy with the eyes, but of course they were missing the final touch of fake eyelashes, which
no self-respecting bride would be without.
I think I also mixed in a little too much of the Keromask Yellow mixer, which made the look darker than
my natural tone.
I definitely think I need to work on my cheek contouring, as it think I went a bit OTT.  Or perhaps it’s just that I’m not used to wearing a lot of blusher.  Either way, I think I need a lot more practice in that department.
However, considering how cack-handed I am with makeup application, I’m pretty impressed with the end result.  Which goes to show, with a bit of practice and a lot of Youtube-ing, any novice can have a go at doing their own bridal makeup.
While I’m still holding out or a great MUA, I’m going to keep practicing as a back up, if all else fails.

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