Chlorella A supplements – the crème de la mer for mere mortals

April 22, 2012
Sun Chlorella 'A' green supplements
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ –  the latest health and beauty craze
I suffer a lot for my beauty blogging craft.  Having to try endless lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes is probably every girls dream, but being a human guinea pig for copious amounts of skincare products can have its downside, with confused skin being one of them.
However, despite my commitment to the (beauty) cause, I did think I’d draw the line at trying a
beauty supplement.  Why? Because I’ve heard mixed reviews about supplements.  Plus its one thing putting something on my face, but putting it inside my body is quite another.
Though the sucker I am, when the opportunity to try a product used my Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham presented itself, I couldn’t really resist. 
The product in question is Sun Chlorella ‘A’, a supplement being dubbed the new Creme De La Mer but without the celebrity price-tag.
Now, confession time, I’d heard of crème de la mer, but I never really knew exactly what it was or what it did, but apparently (a quick Google told me) it’s the most sought after cream in the world, and is named the ‘cream of the sea’.  In fact it’s so desirable that a 30ml cream could cost you £90.

Chlorella A – the news superfood craze

Sun Chlorella A on the other hand, cost £21.95 for a 20-30 month’s supply, and the superfood was a global craze.
The supplement is a single-celled, green algae, which contains a ridiculously high range of nutrients including the essential amino acids, vitamins A, B12, B6 and D as well as folic acid and iron, which is meant to boost the complexion and strengthen the hair, working from the inside out.
These nutrients can only be obtained by diet, and a whopping diet at that – the supplement contain the equivalent of nine cups of spinach (270g) for the iron content or the 32oz steak you’d need to eat for that much B12.
So all in all, Sun Chlorella A was a much more palatable option.  Anyway, I kindly accepted the offer of trialling the supplement, and immediately began to panic.  What if there’d be a nasty side effect?
Being a mild hypochondriac (read: freak) I quickly Googled to see if there were any side effects to this wonder tablet.  I struggled to find anything hugely off-putting, though there was the odd complaint of nausea.
I wasn’t too perturbed, as it’s often those that have reason to complain who go online and share their discontent, the happy majority rarely publish their satisfaction.

Chlorella A supplements – a few too many tablets

One thing however that was niggling me was the amount of tablets needed to be taken each day.  It was advised that that you could start at five a day and work up to 20-30 tablets per day – yikes!
Anyway, once the supplements arrived, I decided to suck up my concern and give the tablets a fair go.  I also chose to ignore the fact that the supplement’s name sounded very similar to cholera.
I was sent 30 tablets all together, which – if taken properly – was effectively a 2-3 day supply.  I however, opted to take just five a day.  I was glad to know that the small green tablets could be taken all at once, as I would have been annoyed by the idea of having to pop pills throughout the day.
The first night I took Chlorella A, I actually slept with the bin next to my bed.  Obviously the story about vomiting had played on my mind.  Though I’m glad to report, I had no such side-effect.
In fact, I really don’t have much to report at all.  I’m not rubbishing Chlorella A, but I think it’s really hard to draw a conclusion on their effectiveness based on a 2-3 day supply.  I didn’t feel bad at all, but I felt indifferent.
I think over time, you may notice the results of Chlorella A, but like most supplements, it’s a long haul, results won’t be overnight.
On a personal note, I’m not sure if taking such a large quantity of tablets per day is for me. Wouldn’t it be great if they created one super tablet for you to take each day? But if it works for Miranda Kerr, it can’t be that bad.

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