Autumn beauty looks for brown skin feat. Sheer Cover

November 13, 2011
Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals Eye Palette comes with six shades
Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals
Despite the crippling cold and cough I’ve been suffering with, I actually love this time of year.  Because as the leaves fall off the trees and we approach winter, my shiny face is kept in check.  The lack of sunshine and low temperatures mean that I don’t suffer from the usual faux pas of oily skin and slippery makeup.
But also, as winter approaches, makeup looks can be experimented with once again.  Out goes the sunkissed shine and summery colours, paving the way for a more sophisticated look.  Autumn beauty looks for brown skin girls is all about matte skin, earthy tones for eyes and cheeks and darker lips.
But of course, while autumn hues work wonders for the pale and interesting, picking the wrong tones can leave us brown skin girls looking chalky and dull.  Also, going too deep on the lip colour can look harsh and ageing, particularly if you have thin lips.  So to help you (and myself, of course) I’ve reviewed some of the looks that are great for everyone.
When you think of autumnal beauty, the simple rule is to look at the leaves falling off trees.  Now, I know that sounds like a bunch of hippy BS, but it really helps!  They leaves are a deep shades of crimson, gold and mulberry, and it’s from these where winter beauty takes its inspiration.  Sheer Cover’s Modern Classics Eye Palette (above) pretty much covers these colours with its subtle, muted tones.

Autumn beauty looks for brown skin girls – my Sheer Cover review

I’ve experimented with this palette for a daytime/work wear look.  The one thing to be mindful of is that some colours don’t show up so well on Asian skin, so it’s worth investing in a good eyeshadow primer or base to make sure the colour sits well.
The colours range from wine and khaki to mauve and charcoal.  I applied the ‘Champagne’ coloured shade (on the far left) to the inner third of my eye.  I then swept the ‘Wine’ eyeshadow along the outer corner of my eye, blending the two together in the middle.  You’ll see from the picture below that the ‘Champagne’ didn’t show up so well on eyes, but overall the look was subtle and autumnal and great for work.  Also, bearing in mind that I didn’t use any sort of base or primer on my eyes beforehand, the colour works pretty well.
Purple eyeshadow on Asian skin
Sheer Cover Eye Palette’s ‘Champagne’ and ‘Wine’ shades


Wearing Sheer Cover's wine eyeshadow


Sheer Cover also does a Modern Neutrals Lip Palette.  I’ve tried this too, but the one thing I noticed is that colours are very sheer (true to the name), and need to be built up with several layers.  I would liken them to coloured lip glosses, rather than lipsticks or tints.  To complement my autumn eyes, I applied the darkest lip shade in the palette, as can be seen in the picture.  After a few coats with the handy lip brush, this colour came on deep, but not too garish, and was the perfect finish for my matte, autumn look.
Sheer Cover's Lip Palette comes with a brush and built-in mirror
Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals Lip Palette
Lips coloured with Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals Lip gloss
Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals Lip Palette
Another autumn option for lips is my current handbag staple, No7’s Moisture Drench lipstick in #100 Copper.  This is a highly pigmented, moisturising lipstick which has staying power.  Sheer it is not.  So what it looks like in the picture is exactly how it comes on.


No7 red lipstick
No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Copper

Of course, those lovers of bling (I’m one of them) are probably not enthused by this look, and I can understand why.  While the autumn look illustrated is great for office makeup, you may need something with a little more sparkle for the evening.  However, the great thing about this look is that it is totally adaptable, with lashings of mascara and a touch of lip gloss, you can be transported from day to evening.  And best of all, with the cold front and lack of humidity, you won’t end up with a shiny face.

Sheer Cover’s Modern Classics Eye Palette and Modern Neutrals Lip Palette are both currently available at the reduced price of £14.95 (original price £20.95).  

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