Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant – will this start a new trend?

June 14, 2011
Wayne Rooney recently posted a picture on Twitter of his very sore and slightly bloody head, after he’d just received a £30,000 hair transplant.  I commended Wayne (and believe me, given his recent behaviour, that’s about the only thing I can commend him on) for revealing his new hairline to the world, rather than waiting to confirm or deny rumours once his new head of hair was noticed by the paparazzi.
You see, hair transplants are nothing new, but Wayne is one of the first high profile figures to reveal that he needed to lend nature a helping hand.
Bollywood star Salman Khan has continually baffled the industry with luscious locks which seem to be thicker for every movie, despite the fact that his hair was thinning during the 90’s.
Over in Hollywood, Brad Pitt was plagued by hair transplant rumours after sporting a fuller head of hair around the time he was promoting Inglorious Basterds.

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant – a sign of things to come?

It’s understandable that high-profile movie stars want to maintain their looks, but it seems to be a taboo to admit it.  As a result, they are seen as aesthetically perfect, and us mere mortals are left to only wish we looked a bit like them.  However, the admission from Wayne – who was more of a Shrek-type than heart-throb – has paved the way to make hair transplant less of an embarrassing secret, good news for balding men.
However, Wayne’s treatment also begs another question – vanity, is thy name man?

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