Top tips from an Asian makeup artist

A makeup artists applies makeup
Shafika gets to work!
So, you may remember a little while ago that I went on a quest to reveal every makeup artist’s best kept beauty secrets.  Well, I got some answers from Shafika, a top hair and makeup artist from Manchester, who specialises in Media / Fashion Hair and Makeup as well as bridal and party makeup (Beauty sectrets revealed!).
Shafika has earned cosmetic stripes through years of hard graft and she imparted her knowledge exclusively to readers of Desi girl’s beauty blog.  Well, now was the time to put Shafika’s skills to the test… on me!
With a lifelong battle with foundation and a tendency to shine (not in a good way), Shafika really had her work cut out.
We started by delving through the dingy depths of my makeup bag.  I quizzed Shafika about my Urban Decay Cream to Powder foundation, which I loved at first (In search of the perfect foundation…), but now it left me looking grey and drawn.
Shafika had a simple answer for this… I had tanned.  In the months since I’d bought and raved about Urban Decay, we had been spoilt by sunshine (which we’re now more than paying for with rain, here in the UK) and I’d inevitably caught some rays.

Top tips from an Asian makeup artist

Apparently, women should have two foundations, one for summer and one for winter.  Shafika though, isn’t any woman, she has four foundations – now that’s just showing off.
This was great news, as it meant that I didn’t have to bin the foundation, or palm it off to somebody else.
Shafika examined the rest of the contents of my makeup bag.  She gave the thumbs up to my NEW CID i-prime skin perfecting serum, while explaining to me that its velvety texture gives an indication as to how it will glide on your skin, so the smoother the better.  Duly noted.
lots of makeup
Makeup heaven
Then it was time to get to work.  While Shakifa came armed with a drool-some trolley full of top-end makeup, I decided that I wanted to also see whether my much more modest stash could cut the mustard.  So we decided to do a half and half, with Shafika’s makeup on one side, mine on the other.
Urban decay primer and bronze eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eyeshadow
Primer Potion is ‘Sin’
Getting to work with her makeup, Shafika began by applying a primer.  As expected, it was velvety smooth, as a good primer should apparently be.  Shafika then used a separate primer for my eyes, Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which if you believe what it says on the tube, keeps your eye makeup crease free for 24 hours.  Shafika used the ‘Sin’ shade, which actually doubles up as an eyeshadow as well as a primer.  This produced a shimmery, molten effect.
Then, Shafika applied every makeup artist’s secret weapon, a corrector to my chin and jawline.  The corrector, a Canadian brand named Vasanti, actually works as a heavy-duty concealer, as it even covers beauty spots and moles.  Applying this to naturally darker areas reduces the grey look left by foundation.
Next, Shafika used two different shades of MAC’s Cream to Powder foundation.  Brushing downwards, the darker tone was brushed lightly on top, to highlight contours and natural tanned areas.
When it came to blush, Shafika had a paint palette of colours from Bobby Brown to Illamasqua.  Going for a fun, daytime look, I was persuaded to try a daring, almost hot pink shade.  At first sight I thought it was too full on, however it was only after taking pictures that I realised that when it comes to blusher, sometimes more is more, as it fades quickly and can often appear a lot heavier than it actually is.
A very neutral lipstick was applied, which I have to admit, I didn’t love, but then I’ve never been a fan of nude.
On the other half of my face, Shafika applied my New CID i-prime, before again using the Vasanti corrector, before applying my MAC liquid foundation.  Shafika was impressed with the match and finish, which was good news as it didn’t mean I had to go out and buy a new one.  Shafika sweeped the foundation deep into my neck, to avoid the dreaded two-tone look.
I then opted for a lighter more natural blusher, so she applied my Dainty Doll Blush, which gave only the faintest of colour before adding VIE at Home Duo Highlighter to add a touch of shimmer.
Deep midnight blue eyshadow
The key to eye-popping blue?
it’s all in the blending
Finally – and what I believe really made the look pop – I persuaded Shafika to break out her to-die-for eyeshadow palette and colour me like never before, in blue.  Now, when it comes to eyes, I’m always minimal. On most occasions, it’s a slick of eyeliner.  If I’m really pushing the boat out, it’s a ‘safe’ gold or pink tone.  So if I was going to be daring, it was best to do it whilst in expert hands.
Shafika blended no less then three shades of blue, and a hint of black for good measure.  But the shading was so seamless, you would never have known.  The finished result was an eye-popping sheet of blue, which I would never be able to replicate.  So I guess I’ll just have to muse at the pictures, which were actually taken in low light and don’t do her creativity justice.
Blue and brown eyeshdaow
Blue or molten?
So, Shafika passed the acid test and I learned some lessons along the way.  But for me, the biggest find was the corrector.  This really does make the difference between looking cakey and looking flawless.  I’ve got mine on order!
To see more of Shafika’s work visit her website or find her on facebook ‘Shafika – Hair and Makeup Artist’.


Blue eyeshadow on one eye, brown on the other
Expert eyeshadow as applied by Shafika

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