Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint review – stains your fingers!

Benefit's Benetint is great or cheeks, but stains your fingers
Benetint or Bene-stain?
Ok, time to confess, who recently rushed out to buy the latest edition of Glamour magazine just because they were giving away Benefit’s High Beam, Poise Tint and Benetint cheek and lip tint?
I did.  After receiving a tip-off about the freebies, I went and bough three copies to get each ‘cult’ product.  I’ve heard of the amazing results of High Beam, I was intrigued by Posie Tint and I’d also read rave reviews of Benetint.  I can’t resist a freebie, so the thought of owning three fab products, all for the price of a magazine I’d read anyway, seemed too good to refuse.
Well, as they say, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.  Each bottle was a fraction of its normal size, around 4ml each (well, I guess it was wishful thinking that they’d be full-sized).
While I’m happy with High Beam, and yet to try the Posie Tint, I wish I’d saved my £2 and passed up on Benetint.  Like the other two, Benetint is in a nail-polish style bottle complete with brush.  The colour itself is blood-red, but is so watery that it’s meant to appear lighter on the skin.
The idea is to brush three strokes of the colour onto the cheeks and work into the skin to create a nice blush.  I followed these instructions accordingly, only to find that the blush looked more red-raw than rosy, with my cheeks looking as though they’d suffered a strategically-placed rash.

Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint review –  a little scathing

Also, despite my quick work rubbing the product in, it seemed to settle in certain areas, leaving my cheeks slightly patchy.  Not the best look.
I then applied the tint to my lips, but rather than a natural bitten look, the colour settled unevenly again, leaving my lips looked literally ‘stained’ as though I’d been eating raspberries and forgotten to wipe my mouth!
Benetint stains your fingers
The tint had better results
on my finger than my face!
The stain didn’t end there.  By far the most unwanted side-effect was the stain left on my finger from patting in the tint.  Despite rigorous hand washing, the picture I have included was taken an hour after applying, long after I’d gone to work and had been tapping into my keypad.  The colour eventually faded by the afternoon.
So the tint certainly does have staying power, though not perhaps where you want it to!

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