Real-time videos, no airbrushing.  Consider yourself forewarned…

You may have spotted that I have started doing a little YouTube-ing.  This is an extention of my blog and helps me demonstrate to you how different products work, and also how to create different makeup looks.  I’ll also be throwing in some videos from my travel section, as well as some foodie vlogs.                
Now I know there are a million other videos out there, so why bother watching mine?  Well one thing I aim to do is simple, real-time tutorials, so you can see exactly how easy, or hard something is.  I’m not one for clever editing and cutaways.  You can see any look, or any product review for what it is, helping you make the most informed choice. 
So there you have it, I’ve brought my ‘no-airbrushing’ concept to the world of video, so enjoy!
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