Recipe: Greek stuffed aubergine and courgette

Greek stuffed aubergine and courgette

So I had an aubergine and didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t fancy a curry, so baingan bharta was out of the question, and I’m trying to curb the carbs.  So I opted for Greek stuffed aubergine, which has a bit of naughty cheese, but otherwise ticks the healthy box.For good measure and economic cooking, I’ve also created a side of stuffed courgettes – one of my much-loved, and my husbands much derided – recipes. Of course you can skip the courgettes if you don’t fancy them, but as they combine so may of the same ingredients and both need cooking in the oven, it make sense to load up on the additional veg.

Recipe for Greek stuffed aubergine and courgette


1 large aubergine

1 courgette

1 medium onion, diced

3 medium tomatoes

Handful sweetcorn

1tsp all spice

Pinch salt
Handful grated cheese

Pinch black pepper


Cut the aubergine in half lengthways

Score the flesh, rub with salt and leave in a colander to strain for about 30 minutes

Then wash the aubergine and drain on a kitchen towel

Bake the aubergines on an oven tray, flesh side down for around 40 minutes

Meanwhile, slice the courgette lengthways

Scoop out the seedy flesh

Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes

While the courgettes and aubergine bake, cook the diced onions in olive oil for a few minutes

Add some black pepper

Add a spoon of all spice, then stir

Add in diced tomatoes and a splash of water, cook until the sauce is thickened

Top the aubergine with half the sauce

Stir in the sweetcorn to the remaining sauce

Add the sauce and sweetcorn on top of the baked courgette
Top both the courgette and the aubergine with gates cheese

Return to the oven until the cheese it golden and bubblingThat’s it, simple and beautiful.  You can also garnish the aubergine with feta cheese.  Either way, it’s a Grecian beauty that packs a flavourful punch!


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