Raw Courgette ribbons ‘recipe’ – too good not to try once

March 31, 2016

Raw Courgette ribbons ‘recipe’ – too good not to try once

OK, so this is a so-simple-it-beats-Nigella’s-avocado-on-toast kinda recipe, but I feel it is too good not to share.
I’ve always had a bit of a challenging relationship with courgette.  I used to love it, dicing the green goodness and tossing liberally into pasta sauce. Or I’d scoop out the flesh and stuff with tomato, sweetcorn and top with cheese (that’s still a good one BTW, and I’ll be blogging about that soon).
However, the soft and slightly soggy texture of cooked courgette doesn’t lend itself to other dishes.  For example, I added it to roast chicken, and it nearly drowned the poor poultry, leaking its watery insides all over the flesh. It also does the same to story fry, which is meant to be dry and crunchy.
The other issue is of course, HIM. My other half hates courgette, which kind of scuppers any creative ways of adding it to our meals.  Such is his disdain that one time I made stuffed courgettes, I had to have all three myself.  In one sitting.
But this simple recipe has given me a breakthrough of the more edible, less soggy kind. I never dreamed of eating courgettes raw, I figured that was the reserve of Goop-reading health freaks.  But this recipe is a revelation. Spread on toast, toss into salads or eat as a snack, it’s delicious, crunchy and zesty.  It slightly resembles the taste of green mango (believe it or not).  You can even liven it up with green chilli and coriander for an Asian twist. The best bit of all? It’s easier than avocado on toast.
So here it is, my raw courgette ribbons recipe…

Ingredients for raw courgette ribbons

  • 1 courgette, sliced with a potato peeler (this is key, as you need almost translucent thin
  • Half a lemon
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of black


Method for raw courgette ribbons

Put the grated courgette in a bowl (keep the skin too), drizzle with the half lemon zest,
season with salt and black pepper.
Leave for five minutes, (I think this helps ‘cook’ the courgette)
Eat with anything.

For my chickpea, feta and beetroot salad, click here.

For raw courgette ribbon chutney/salsa

Simply add a handful of chopped coriander and a chopped green chilli into the mix and you’ve got yourself an impressive delicacy.
It really is as easy as that.  Idiot proof.  Give this a try, as it will change the way you feel about courgettes forever.

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