My easy guide to making your 2016 sparkle

Now I normally do a detailed look back at the year gone by, but this year I’m all about looking forward, as I really want to make 2016 a good one.

But for the sake of posterity, here’s a few highlights:
  • I celebrated three years of marriage by stuffing my face here
  • I started doing more YouTube stuff
  • I left my job (without a job to go to)
  • I started my own PR consultancy business
  • I moved house (to an apartment across the road)
  • I saw the last wonder of the world
  • I visited Sharm El-Sheikh two weeks before a plane went down in that region (scary)
  • I pimped my blog with a new look
  • I still can’t swim (more of a lowlight really)
So moving forward, here’s my hopes for this year, and also how you can make 2016 great:

Tips for 2016 – Keep learning

Being my own boss has meant learning a whole new set of skills, and I’m loving every challenge.
Whatever your job or lifestyle, constant learning keeps you motivated.  And by learning, I don’t mean hitting the books again.  There’s a wealth of information out there from YouTube tutorials, to networks in every city in the world.  A point about the latter, nothing beats good old fashioned conversation.
Be the boss of to-do lists – working for myself has allowed me more time to focus on my blog. However, having no boss means that it’s totally down to me how much work I do or don’t do. So writing to-do lists and ticking them off has kept me on track and
prevented me from wasting my time.  Whatever your goals are for 2016, write them down, and then break them down into smaller, achievable tasks which you can action each day.  Smaller steps towards the bigger picture makes that end goal much more achievable.

Tips for 2016 – Do better makeup, but keep it real

Yes it’s a shallow aim, but hey, this is primarily a beauty blog. Since I started this blog, the focus has been on realistic, achievable makeup looks.  Mainly because I simply wasn’t very good at doing my own makeup.  I’m still a long way off creating some of the looks other YouTubers out there create. But as long as there are people like me – makeup novices out there – I’ll keep doing them.

Tips for 2016 – Be yourself coz you don’t care

So I went to a Google Campus workshop earlier in 2015, where the techy geek actually laughed at my YouTube videos. He told me I should be more like Zoella. Now anyone who has seen Zoella’s videos as well as mine, will know that we are not one and the same.  Nor should we be. You see, for everything you do, there’ll always be haters cynics and judges. Take this online, and it’s on
a whole other level.  However, the fact that you’re trying to do something is, well, brilliant. Your efforts should be applauded, not mocked. So if you take nothing else from this post, please just don’t take any crap, as you are waaaaay better than that.
Here’s to a bright and beautiful 2016 xx

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