The importance of removing your eye makeup (+ eye makeup removers review

September 29, 2015
At the time of writing this article, I’m battling with an eye infection. I thought it was conjunctivitis, or a blocked tear duct, but the doctor’s best diagnosis is that it’s most likely a stye – a spot that appears like a whitehead on the inner, fleshy part of the eyelid. So basically, I looked like this…
Eye infection from a stye
It’s settling now after a week of taking eye ointment and using warm water compresses.  It kinda ruined Eid, and certainly destroyed some Eid pictures, and as I haven’t been able to do my eyebrows, well, that’s quite another horror.  The doctor doesn’t know what the cause is, his best guess being that it might be from dust, or a trapped hair.
But whatever the reason, I don’t think my lazy makeup application and removal routine helped the

Despite blogging about beauty for four years and having countless products and expert knowledge at my disposal, I confess to the following beauty sins:

  • I rub my eyes to remove my eyeliner (only when it’s kohl though).
  • I go to sleep still wearing my eyeliner (again, only when it’s kohl).
  • I constantly rub my eyes when they itch.  And I enjoy it.
  • I rarely clean my eye makeup brushes (I know, filthy cow).
But lazy-ass no more. After being a hermit for a week, not to mention the worry associated with having a growing growth on my face, I vow to take much better care of my eyes, starting by banishing the first two fails from my list of eye sins.
I have eye makeup removers, but I need to make a point to use them more regularly.  Below are some examples of what’s in my bathroom cabinet, and how they work:

Trusty eye makeup removers

Arbonne's Easy on the Eyes Eye Makeup Remover

Arbonne Easy on the Eyes Eye Makeup Remover, 59ml

This clear eye makeup remover came with my Neutral Eyes kit, which contained two duo eyeshadows. The remover is easy to apply – you simply pour some onto a cotton pad and dab sweep across the eyes.  It pretty much takes away all of your eye makeup, even the most stubborn liners.

Trilogy's Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm


Trilogy's Make Up Be Gone is their new makeup remover

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm, 80ml

This newly launched solid balm is made from a base of oils. Containing mango butter, rosehip, coconut, olive and sunflower oil, this rich makeup remover glides on like a cream and melts away makeup.
The makeup remover can be used on eyes, though it requires a little more work than Arbonne’s eye makeup remover.  However, as it’s gentle and natural, the chances of irritation are minimal.
Bobbi Brown's oil makeup remover emulsifies the skin

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, 200ml

This liquid oil is more fluid than Trilogy’s offering, but also contains a mix of oils, mainly olive and jojoba, as well as ginger root extract. It works by emulsifying with water, and turns into a milk-like substance on your skin. I’ve reviewed it in detail here.
It’s an effective cleanser, but be mindful of the product getting into your eye as it can cloud your eyes.  The clouding clears within a minute, but it is inconvenient nonetheless.

But the key to make all these removers work best and avoid any eye irritation is hygiene.  Washing your hands before and after with hand wash will help reduce any chance of problems.  While out and about, I also keep my Cuticura hand sanitiser gel handy, so if I do happen to rub my eyes, at least my hands are free from outdoor dust and germs.

Cuticura hand gel in 'Sugar candy'


And while my eye infection can’t necessarily be attributed to poor makeup habits, or poor hygiene, I won’t be taking my chances.

If you’re equally lazy with your makeup, please do take heed.  I’ve never suffered infections or allergies in the past, and had a complacent routine as a result.  But my infection shows that it can happen to anyone.  So give yourself an extra couple of minutes in the bathroom to take off your makeup, it’s the least your skin – and your eyes – deserve.


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