Getting the Airbase airbrush treatment

So I recently attended the Professional Beauty Showcase in London, which provided a chance to nosey around all the latest beauty products and innovations. 
While it wasn’t quite the best event I’d been to (staff couldn’t point me in the right direction for the press office… it all seemed a bit disjointed), it did introduce me to some new things.

One was the handwash / scrub that acts as an intensive moisturiser for your skin.  The sugary,
oily scrub left my hands feeling soft throughout the day, but I’d be interested to try and make a DIY version of my own.

results of Proto-col Instant Manicure
The results of an instant manicure
But the innovation I found most interesting was the Airbase airbrush foundation.  This actually took the airbrushing theme literally, with foundation, contour and blusher being applied through a spray gun.

See me getting the Airbase airbrush treatment in the video above, just click play.


This was the final result…

Asian bridal makeup with Airbase Airbrushing
The final result!

My verdict on Airbase makeup

The makeup looked smooth, even and didn’t feel half as cakey as foundation applied the traditional way. While it looked a bit heavier than I liked, the MUA assured me that, similar to a spray tan, I could apply as many layers as I wanted.
I think the main reason it looked heavier to me is that I’m not used to wearing much makeup, and prefer the ‘barely there’ makeup base.  However, for a special occasion that required a seamless, flawless finish, this would be a good shout.
I was also impressed my how quickly it was applied.  Unlike traditional methods involving makeup brushed and sponges, this was done in minutes.
The makeup managed to stay on my face too, and I didn’t suffer any terrible 5pm meltdown.
However, I suspect applying it on myself might not be so seamless as I wouldn’t really be able to see what I’m doing.
I’d also avoid using it near any white walls, or light furniture, as I’d be worried about any residue.
Overall, from my initial experience, I’d definitely say that airbrushed foundation is a thumbs up for a special occasion.  For day-to-day, I’d perhaps stick to my CC cream.
Have you tried airbrushed makeup?  What did you think?  Leave your comments below…

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