Braun iontech hairbrush – hair gets technical

April 9, 2015
Isn’t everything getting technical these days? You can get motor-powered cleansing brushes, supercharged foot pumices… heck you can even spray paint your face.
But hearing about the Braun Iontech hairbrush which promises shiny hair and less damage to the hair shaft, I was intrigued.
On of my Achilles heels has always been my matte hair. It lacks shine unless it’s greasy. So I was happy to try out the Iontech brush to see if it works for me.

First impressions

From the first brush, you notice the lack of static and the fact the the hair smooths down. This is great for silky locks, however over brushing from the toto can flatten the hair, so I’d focus on the lengths.
The shine is evident straight away, and I noticed it staying silky after a few uses. It’s too early to comment on long term benefits on the condition of the hair, but it would be interesting to see if it helps. I don’t really suffer from breakages or split ends, so couldn’t comment on its effects on this, but I can vouch for it’s smoothness. To demonstrate, see my video below and you can judge the results for yourself…
Like what you see? You can buy the Braun IonTech brush here.
What do you think? It would be great to hear your thoughts or if you’ve tried anything like this.

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