Can a mascara ever create a false lash effect?

March 24, 2015
Arbonne's It's a long story mascara, Collection's Volumising Mascara, Sveneteen Falsifeye, and Collection's Little Mix mascara
Mascaras put through their paces!
I’ve been toying with this dilemma for a while.  I love the look of false lashes, but I hate wearing them.  So can lashings of mascara create the same full flutter?
I road tested a few brands, of varying prices, to put this question to the test:

Mascara review #1 – Seventeen HD mascara

How Seventeen HD mascara looks
Seventeen HD mascara
Seventeen HD mascara - what the brush looks like
Seventeen’s wand – short and spiky
Seventeen mascara on lashes
Seventeen close-up
This mascara definitely lengthens the lashes, but it doesn’t quite provide volume and thickness.  On
the plus side, the mascara is relatively clump-free and glides on smoothly.  After a couple of coats, you’re left with a good finish on top and bottom lashes.

Mascara review #2 – Collection Little Mix mascara

How Mascara looks on the eyelashes
Collection Little Mix mascara


Collections mascara wand - how it looks
Collection’s wand – spiky and flat-ended
A close-up look of the lengthening effects of Little Mix mascara
Collection Little Mix close-up
Again, a good lengthening mascara.  The thin, comb –like wand grabs the lashes and adds a pinch more thickness than the HD version.  But thickness can come at a small price, in that it’s susceptible to more clumping.  The small head also makes it good for application on the bottom lashes.

Mascara review #3 – Arbonne It’s a Long Story mascara

Asian girl wearing Arbonne mascara
Arbonne ‘It’s a long story’ mascara
Arbonne's mascara wand close-up
Arbonne’s wand – slightly wider flat-top with longer bristles
Arbonne's It's a long story mascara close up
Arbonne close-up
Super lengthening and a cleaner finish.  Arbonne’s it’s a long story provides a good curl and length when applied properly.  Clumps are minimal, and true to the name, it’s more about length rather than width.  It’s flat top makes it tricky to apply to the bottom lashes without transferring to the skin.

Mascara review #4 – Collection Volumising mascara

How mascara looks on the lashes
Collection's Volumising mascara wand close up
Collections Volumising wand – wider with more bristles
Collection Volumising mascara - how it looks on
Collection Volumising mascara close up
Finally, one that adds thickness to the mix.  Collection’s Volumising mascara promises 10x more volume.  While I’ve not quite scientifically measured it, there is a visible amount of thickness to my lashes.  However with this comes a little clumping.  There might be a clue in the wand, Collection’s mascara is the only one that has the traditional fuzzy wired wand, while the others are more slimline, if not a fine-toothed comb.  So it seems the thicker the lashes, the fatter the wand.

My verdict

Sadly, I‘ve yet to come across a mascara which perfectly recreates the look of false lashes.  The very nature of falsies is that you’re adding lashes to your natural set, rather than thickening your existing lashes.
What mascara tries to do is coat the lashes, adding width and length.  However, this can make mascara look clogged or clumpy.

The happy medium

So while there really is no faking it (ironic, right?), you can achieve a bit of a middle ground by applying lengthening and volumising mascara, I’ve combined the Collection Volume with a coat of Arbonne’s lengthening, and been pretty pleased with the results.
Purple lipstick on Asian skin
Mixing macaras!
No it’s not false lashes, but until I get the hand of wearing them, it’s good enough for me.

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