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At the gym with weights and benches
(Trying to) work up a sweat in style!
What to wear to the gym
Now I’ve written a lot of posts which focus on healthy eating, and while food accounts for 80% of our weight gain, let’s not forget the extra 20% which is down to exercise.
I have to be honest, exercise is my Achilles heel. I’m too lazy to stick to a workout routine, I’ve never been a fan of jogging, plus I find the gym boring.
However, despite my laziness when it comes to moving around, I have found a few things that have worked for me, so wanted to share my tips with you.
So here is my lazy girls guide to getting fit  (or at least fighting fat)

Getting fit tips #1: invest in the right gear

Grey Adidas hoodie and black gym bottoms
My workout gear
Now it might seem obvious, but having the wrong workout gear can seriously hamper your efforts. For example, if you’re doing a spinning class, you need to trousers that aren’t too long or they’ll catch on your bike.
If you’re running outdoors, you’ll need a hooded top in case the rain decides to pay you a visit.
Up until recently, I fell into the ‘wrongly dressed’ category with my workout gear. My bottoms were either too long and dragged on the equipment I used, or too thick for a sweaty gym session.
However I’ve since invested in some upgraded more gym-friendly clothes.
The hoody in the picture is from Adidas, and has a thin, breathable material. This reduces your chances of getting in a sweat over a workout. The light material is also good for yoga and Pilates.
The bottoms are a slightly shorter length, sitting above my trainers, so they don’t get caught or stepped on during exercise. It also helps that it quite cool gym gear (in my opinion), so I work out with a little more pride.

Getting fit tips #2: Work up a sweat, not a stink

Sure Black Crystal deodorant
Sweat-proof deodorant, a gym-bunny must-have
A polite request. Think of others around you. It’s really worth having a good deodorant to hand to spray on before and after a workout.
The best anti-perspirants and deodorants out there offer long lasting protection, as well as keeping white spray marks at bay.
And if you’re wondering, there is a difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant. While anti- perspirant stops, or reduces your sweat by creating a film on the sweat glands, deodorant lets you sweat, but neutralises sweat so you don’t smell. By their nature, deodorant is the more breathable of the two.
Soft and Gentle Deodorant spray can
There are two sprays on the market that fit the bill, Sure Black Crystal Spray, which doesn’t leave white marks and lasts for 48hrs, and Soft and Gentle, which offers 72hr protection and no white marks. Both are ideal if you want a good workout without alienating those around you.

Getting fit tips #3: find the exercise that works for you

Some people are natural gym bunnies. They have a rigorous routine, discipline, and feel a real buzz from working out.
I, however am not one of those people. The gym for me is boring. And it takes a lot of perseverance and dedication which I don’t have.
Classes suit me better, but my best workout by far is some kind of competitive sport. I’ve been playing badminton for years, and I could run around a court for a couple of hours without noticing that I’m exhausted. The friendly competition works for me, plus the enjoyment of sorts is something I don’t get with a mundane workout routine.
So if you’re a bit of a novice, try the gym, try a class and try a sport. You’ll figure out what works for you. And if you enjoy it, and it doesn’t feel like a chore, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Getting fit tips #4: music is your friend

Have you ever been on a treadmill for ten minutes, but it’s felt like ten hours? You’re constantly looking at the timer and it’s barely moving.  I sympathise with you.
If on occasion I do end up at the gym, I find that plugging in earphones when on machines really helps. Otherwise my fifteen minute cross trainer session feels like a lifetime. So, load up your iPhone, plug in some tunes and zone out. Before you know it, your short treadmill or trainer session will be over, without feeling like an eternity.

Getting fit tips #5: Mix it up

It’s really important to balance cardio with toning, and focus on different areas each time.
That’s another reason why a sport is so great, you get a full body workout with it realising.
If I have time a try and combine contrasting classes, such as Pilates and spinning, into my week. This gives enough variety and ensures that I’m not just dropping pounds, I’m toning up too.

Getting fit tips – #6: for the best workout, go for a swim

For me, there is nothing better than a swim. It tests your stamina to the limits and works every part of your body. Even treading water is exhausting, which speaks volumes about the benefits of being in the water.
Plus the overall workout increases breathing efficiency and gets your heart pumping too. I stopped swimming during winter, but looking forward to getting back into it.
What about you? Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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