How to apply cream blush with your finger!

October 22, 2014
My video tutorial shows you how to apply cream blush with your finger. It’s the perfect makeup hack for the girl who can’t be bothered reaching for a million brushes and tools. 
Now I don’t know about you, but when it comes to applying makeup, I’m a sucker for cutting corners.
It’s all well and good applying layers of makeup with tons of tools when you’ve got time to spare.  But if you’re anything like me, for everyday makeup, minimal fuss free finishes are a blessing.
This is where cream blush is a complete blessing.  Blendable, soft and flattering, cream blushes sit in sync with your skin, and offer you a natural flush minus the chalk you can get with a powder blush.
Also, cream blush is soooo easy to apply.  You don’t need a blusher or contouring brush, you just need the tip of your finger and some quick work.
How to apply cream blusher with your finger
I decided to create this tutorial to show you exactly how to apply cream blush.  Some tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube suggest using brushes, sponges and an army of other contraptions.  You simply don’t need it.  The whole idea of brushes go against the sheer simplicity of cream blush.  In my view, it wasn’t made to be brushed on like thick paint.  It needs a light sweep across the cheeks.
So watch my no-brainer tutorial to see exactly how to apply cream blush with your fingers.

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