Natural contouring tutorial for dark skin

September 13, 2014

Natural contouring tutorial that’s subtle, not garish. Less Kardashian, more you!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of highlighting and contouring tutorials.
But this one is different. I’m using minimal products so the look is much more natural.
Since Kim Kardashian graced our screens, the world over – or at least the YouTube vlogging world – has been trying to copy her glowing golden look.
However, Kim’s made-for-TV look is hardly practical for everyday use. In fact she probably sits in a tonne of makeup, and looks rather caked in reality.
I’ve seen many vlog tutorials trying to emulate the look, but I’ve been scared by the shed load of makeup involved. Swatches of thick foundation in brown and cream, painted like a tiger, then topped with more highlighting powder than you can shake a stick at.
I don’t mean to be critical. It’s just that I know that I’d never have occasion, time or inclination to copy that look. Unless of course I get married again.
So I decided to go for a more low maintenance look, which hopefully will be easy for you to create too.
The products I’ve used are:
Sheer cover duo highlighter – the tan half
Eau Avene foundation compact 
Green People cosmetics blush in Peach
And that’s about it. Nominal products for a barely-there look. And that’s hows I believe highlighting and contouring should be. Natural colouring so your true beauty can shine through.

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