Autumn fashion essentials – what you need for in-between weather

September 22, 2014
Don’t you just love this weird in-between UK weather we’re having now?!  Summer’s finished, but Autumn hasn’t quite started, so we’re in a state of confusion, just what the hell do we wear in this weather, that will keep us cool, and help us stay warm at the same time?
The changing weather has been a bit of a conundrum for me. For example, due to a rather unforgiving commute which involves a walk, a bus and a train, I spent the last few months leaving the house wrapped up, getting slightly hot and bothered en route, before sitting in an arctic air conditioned office.  I had the unusual and unenviable position if being hot and cold at the same time.
Plus this weird weather does nothing for your fashion credentials.  For example, tights and a coat seem perfectly sensible at a breezy 7am, but when stepping out for lunch when it’s baking hot and sunny, you do look a bit silly.
So present to you my almost Autumn fashion essentials.  I share the small steps you can take, which will make a big difference to your wardrobe and wellbeing in this strange transitional weather, so here are my tips on how to stay cool, and be warm at the same time.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #1 – Get a thin but trusty coat

Blue barbour quilted coat
Despite the weatherman’s best efforts, you just can’t predict what will happen sometimes.  But come rain or shine you can be prepared with a waterproof jacket with thin lining.  This will mean you’re not too toasty, but still fairly insulated.
And a rainproof coat doesn’t mean you have to look like Paddington Bear.  My Barbour coat is my
go-to garment when I’m just not sure what the weather will be like. I opted for the single layer quilting, so it’s the perfect autumn-to-spring coat.  Of course there are cheaper options on the market, so do shop around.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #2 – Keep a pashmina handy

A purple pashmina with butterflies
Another issue I find in this weather is that even if it’s warm outside, there’ll always be someone in the office who will crank up the air-con to make up for it.  However, we don’t wear coats indoors, and you might not always have a cardigan to hand.  So a brilliant solution is keeping a small pashmina with you.  Pashminas can be folded to tiny proportions so can easily fit into your handbag.  They’re also a great wrap around to stave off air-con.
The other great thing is that pashmina’s are so in, that you can get them from virtually anywhere.
Thick, wool pashminas are great and very chic, but in this weather, I prefer the more delicate shawls that are lighter to wear, easier to drape, and keep you warm, rather than hot.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #3 – Invest in a sweat proof deodorant

Sure Maximum Protection roll-on deodorant
Now, just because it’s getting cooler, we’re not quite at roll-on deodorant skipping season.  If you have a long commute you could find that the jumper you wore early in the morning when it was chilly, isn’t serving you quite so well at 9am when the sun has finally made an appearance.  And sweat patches will never be in vogue.
So it’s worth investing in a good weather proof deodorant.  I find that Sure Maximum Protection is one of the best deodorants out there.  You simply apply the night before, shower in the morning as usual, and you’re good to go.  So for keeping sweat at bay, Sure is really worth a look, you’re colleagues will thank you for it.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #4 – Footliner tights are your friend

So it’s too cold for sandals, and too warm for tights.  And you clearly can’t wear socks.  So the solution?  Foot liner tights.  A happy hybrid of tights and socks – footless tights can keep your feet fresh, whilst also ensuring that you’re not too hot.  The best thing is that they can also be worn with courts, flats, or heels, and you can’t even see them.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #5 – Keep everything else minimal

Now layering is all well and good, but it’s pretty pointless if you can’t de-layer when the weather’s hot, as you’ve got too much to carry.  So I find this weird weather the perfect opportunity to minimise on everything else – de-clutter my handbag, keep a small packed lunch and wear sensible shoes.
Whereas other people wear flats to the office and carry heels in their bag, it’s much easier to wear one pair that can transform you from walk to office, without either killing your feet. or looking drab.  I.e. no stiletto heels or crocs, something in-between instead.

Almost Autumn fashion essentials #5 – Save face with a water spray

Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water toner
 Another great way of keeping cool when the weather changes is by using a water face spray, which can help keep you hydrated when the sun decides to come out.  Designed to keep your makeup intact whilst giving a burst of water, face sprays can help prevent makeup from melting away.  See my review of Eau Avene face spray here.
What are your go-to tips for this strange weather?  How do you keep cool and warm at the same time?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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