Avocado peel face mask – a cheap, natural way to softer skin

August 27, 2014
As I’m a huge advocate of natural, make-your-own skincare, I just had to share this super easy avocado peel face mask tutorial, which shows you how to make the best of your discarded avocado peel. The idea actually came from my good friend Glistening Sheen, who first introduced me to the idea when I was in the midst of wedding prep.

A lot of recipes out there show you how to make avocado face masks, but this is even better, as you can eat the avocado, as nature intended, and just use the peel you’d normally throw away.

The most efficient of skincare – an avocado peel face mask

This easy guide shows you in real time, how to be green – without envy – and a step closer to smooth, soft skin.  You’ll never throw an avocado peel away again.
Avocado peel working as a facemask

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