Baingan bharta recipe – the perfect curried aubergine / eggplant

June 28, 2014
This baingan bharta recipe comes courtesy of my friend Akram, and it’s honestly the best version of curried aubergine/eggplant I’ve tried.  It’s rich texture and generous helping of aubergine, onion and tomato makes it’s a filling and nutritious recipe for Ramadan, and any time of the year.
Baingan bharta – or aubergine curry – is a dish that I never really enjoyed. In restaurants I’ve been served up Bharta which was more of a baked-then-mashed aubergine, which was added to raw onions and a lot of green chilli. The result was more of a hot mess.
However, this recipe doesn’t warrant any baking, it’s simply a slow cooked dish which let’s the flavours infuse to perfection.
At the end if this recipe I’ve also got a great tip on how to turn some of the dish into a great yoghurt condiment!

So onto the baingan bharta recipe…

Assuming you were cooking one aubergine, this is what you’d do:

The Base:

Five spice seeds frying in oil
Frying onions and nigella seeds for baingan bharta
  • Add a teaspoon of five spice to a pan of shallow oil
  • Slice 2 onions lengthways (you don’t want them too small as it reduces the body)
  • Add into a pan with about 2tsp of oil cook till soften add warm water so the onions don’t brown or burn…
  • Add zeera, ginger and garlic – cook
  • Add masala – chilli powder, garam masala, ground coriander, salt to taste – I used between one and two teaspoons
  • Add a bit of haldi and cook and add fresh chillis
  • Once cooked add two tomatoes.
Fried onions and garlic
curried onions, tomatoes and spices simmering in a pan
  • Add a bit of warm water as you go along so it doesn’t burn…
  • Once oil seperated add the aubergine and add water so it covers…and leave on slow heat.
  • Add fresh coriander at the end for flavour.
Baingan bharta being slow cooked in a pan
To make a great yoghurt side dish. Pick out some of the cooked aubergine from the dish and stir into some natural yoghurt. Stir through and serve – it really is as easy as that!

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