When makeup tutorials go wrong (pink bronze smokey eye tutorial)

March 29, 2014
Ok, so you know how I’ve always banged in about how I’m a bit of a makeup novice? Well it seems that three years into blogging my trials and tribulations, not much has changed.
You may have seen that I’ve started doing a spot if YouTube vlogging. I began with hair tutorials (so far so good) but was itching to demonstrate quick, easy and fabulous beauty looks. Oh, and in real time, so you can see mistakes and all.

A bronze smokey eye –  simple, right?

And that’s where the fun begins. What is a simple bronze smokey eye eye look which can be done in three minutes turned into a nine minute video with a mighty mascara smudge. Oh, and I’m not even 100% sure that each eye was matching.

Brown smokey eye look
After the ordeal
The original look, seen below on my left eye, was so much more straightforward, but throw in the all-seeing webcam and things turn out quite differently.
Two different eye looks brown eye shadow and blue eyeshadow looks
Anyway I debated whether to put this video up, and ultimately decided that I owe it to womankind to share this cautionary tale, with some parting advice for other vloggers:

My tips f0r filming a bronze smokey eye tutorial

1) don’t use your webcam as a mirror
2) Don’t be heavy handed with your mascara wand
3) Check the look regularly in a proper mirror for accuracy (see point one)
4) If you get mascara on your cheek, don’t smudge it. It only makes things worse
4) don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself – in hindsight I took myself far too seriously after my mess up
So, enjoy the comic value. And bear with it, the money shot of the video comes later on, saving the best until last.
I will of course try to do some better makeup tutorials. But I can’t promise ANYTHING!

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