Halal Lebanese and Brazilian – Rodizio Lebanon London review

Rodizio Lebanon from the outside
Rodizio Lebanon


Halal sausages on a skewer
Soujouk (halal sausage) brought to your table at Rodizio Lebanon
salad of tabouleh, olives and humus at the Rodizio Lebanon buffet
Salad delights at the buffet station
Now I love a good Lebanese mezze.  Edgeware road in London is one of my local haunts, where I can get my fill of falafel, hummus and tabbouleh.
Of course, most – if not all – Lebanese places are halal, which means that their spicy sausages, kofte and shawarma are also an option for me.
So when I was introduced to a new Lebanese restaurant with a unique Brazilian twist, I was intrigued.
There are branches of Rodizio Lebanon around the country, while we went to the recently opened Fulham restaurant.
Rodizio Lebanon combines the flavoursome mezze synonymous with the region, with a rodizio concept from Brazil.
This is essentially a buffet meal, on top of which a selection of meats are cooked fresh and brought to your table. You’re given a handy card, which you turn over when you’ve had enough meat. Until then, you’ll still be offered the different meats.
Lamb and chicken shawarma served up at Rodizio Lebanon
Shawarma carvery at Rodizio Lebanon

Rodizio Lebanon London – Brazilian dining with a twist

The difference between Rodizio Lebanon and a traditional Brazilian restaurant is that the meats are well flavoured in the unique way only the Lebanese know.
I’ve been to a traditional Brazilian restaurant, and while the meat options were plentiful, I felt that they weren’t flavoured enough, so it wasn’t really for me (more on this is a separate review).
However, with Rodizio Lebanon you were treated to spicy sausages, kofte, lamb fillet, steak and more. All of which are bursting with individual flavours.
So with a buffet selection of my favourites – lemon drizzled yoghurt, humous, stuffed  vine leaves (my fave), I was also introduced to some new dishes, an submerging tomato and chickpea and green beans in a tomato sauce.
The fact that it was a buffet concept was fantastic as I could try a variety if dishes as well as garnishes like tabbouleh and yoghurt, which you are normally charged extra for in a traditional Lebanese restaurant. Without these sides, I feel that no Lebanese dish is complete. So it’s nice to have this included in the buffet.
Of course on top if this were staples such as pitta bread and chunky chips to help mop up the sauces.


Chicken, tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves and wedges served up


Mint sauces, garlic sauce and mustard at the Rodizio Lebanon buffet


The hot buffet selection on Rodizio Lebanon

My picks from Rodizio Lebanon

Some of my favourites from the buffet were the vine leaves, yoghurt and green bean dish. What was great about the Lebanese buffet is that while Indian buffets can be a bit samey, each dish was unique at Rodizio Lebanon London.
Quality was also evident. I noticed one of the staff was going around with a thermometer to make sure that the temperature of the salads was just so. This was done several times to make sure that your food is just right.  This little detail goes against the grain of a traditional buffet, where it’s less quality more quantity.
One thing I felt was missing from the buffets were a couple of my favourites like falafel, but I was told that the buffet items were changed every couple of days, so regular customers would end up trying everything on their menu. In the meanwhile, you could always order any extras from the a la carte menu.
So overall, Rodizio Lebanon is a great addition to Fulham.  You can go as a group and everyone can have what they want, or you can go as a couple and get your fill.  Either way, Rodizio Lebanon gets the thumbs up from me.

Rodizio Lebanon London review in a nutshell

Cost – £24 per head for buffet and Rodizio
Halal – Yes.  Plus plenty of veg options available
Great if… you want a flavoursome varied meal
Not so great if… you’re not a fan of Lebanese cuisine (in which case, what’s wrong with you???)

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