Alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples

I’ve written a roundup of what to get for him, and also what to get him to get you this Valentine’s Day, so now’s the time for something a little different. Yep, this is my alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples.
So you don’t want cheesy flowers and chocolates, and he doesn’t need aftershave.  Then how about
spoiling your other half on Valentine’s Day with a gift that you both can enjoy?
After searching for my own coveted gift, here are my suggestions for a bit of couples gifting:

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples #1 –

Couples massage lesson – £100 – Karine Jackson Hair and beauty salon

A couple's massage for Valentine's Day
An informative Valentine’s gift could be a couples massage
I recently had a couple’s massage lesson at Karine Jackson’s Hair and Beauty salon in Covent Garden, London.  Yeah, cue lots of ‘oohs’, and ‘aahs’.  However, despite the teasing I got from friends, it was actually a very practical lesson with useful tips to take home.
Situated in a very trendy hair salon, the lesson is carried out in private in one of the salon’s treatment rooms.
The therapist, Liesl, was incredibly friendly and made us feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.
Hubby and I took turns to be massaged, with Liesl starting by showing the different techniques, letting us practice, whilst helping us along the way.  Liesl was also very considerate and left us to change and practice by ourselves.
The great thing about the lesson was that she adapted her technique for our comfort.  Previous massages I’ve had have left me feeling achy, attacked and pummelled.  They really weren’t the relaxing wind-downs I expected from a massage.
However, Liesl said that she customises her massages technique to the comfort level of the individual, with the right amount of pressure.  She also talked me through the right movements which don’t cause pain.  She suggested that I massage around and under the bone, rather than directly on the bone, as this is what causes the ouchies.

Some practical advice

The massage lesson was really useful for me.  A while back my husband asked me for a shoulder massage as he was suffering some muscle ache, I just kneaded the area aimlessly.  Whereas Liesl talked me through the pressure areas to focus on, where we hold most of our tension.
The great thing about the massage lesson was that we both learnt how to perfect the technique, so that we could have massages at home, without forking out for a pricey treatment.  So of course, I’ll be asking my hubby for massages weekly.  It’s for his development, you see.
Anyway, we left the salon feeling relaxed and slightly sleepy, which is exactly what I want from a massage.  The fact that it was on a Saturday morning and we had a day of shopping ahead of us was just a miscalculation on my part…

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples #2

Go ape  – courses across the country at around £30 per person

Treetop climbing at Go Ape!
Go ape at Go Ape
Sliding down the zip glider at Go Ape!
Fight your fears on the zip glider!
Now I haven’t actually got much to report on this, as I’ll be going next month (expect a thorough review then).  However, I just thought it worth a mention in this roundup as it’s a great out-of-the-box idea.
Go Ape has centres up and down the country, where thrill-seekers are invited to swing from trees 40ft above the ground, while taking in the amazing views of the country’s most scenic forests.
Now I’m going to be honest, I’m slightly petrified about this. My fear of heights is very real, so I’m not sure I’ll make the full course.  However, I’ve been told that it’s actually a great place to lose your fear.  So we’ll see how I get on.  I reckon it’s a bit marmite, so I’ll either love it or hate it.
Either way, I think it’s a fantastic idea for couples to do something different to a spa day, or weekend in a country hotel.  Let’s be honest, that more for us girls anyway.
So if I live to tell the tale, I’ll write up a thorough review of my Go Ape adventure, complete with unflattering pics.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples #3


Another questionable one. But the more I think about it, the more I think a bootcamp is a great coupling gift.
So taking aside the gruelling adrenalin-fuelled workouts, the very early start, and the strict meal plan, a bootcamp weekend could also bring couples together. Through mutual hatred of the militant instructor, if nothing else.
Plus you get fit, tone up and kick start your metabolism.  I definitely need this, as my metabolism has been dormant since November.
Again, I’d be terrified to do this, but it would sure make for an alternative, unforgettable Valentine’s Day.
So think outside of the box this year, flowers will never be the same again.
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