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February 11, 2014
The ingredients label of FTN Believe energy drink
The key ingredients in the potent mix

When I was asked to review a new product – an energy drink of sorts – that was launching in the UK, I was a little hesitant.  I tend to restrict my reviews to product I put on my body, not inside my body.

However, I was swayed by FTN Energy, a whole-food stem cell recovery drink, as its ingredients are completely natural, and free of chemicals.      

There’s also been some research published about the drink, so at least I had the reassurance that it has been road tested a little more than some dodgy online production.   Plus the 5k-plus Facebook fans helped give me some confidence, too.
The drink promises a plethora of benefits, such as a quicker recovery from a sports injury or workout, supporting skin health, and even slowing the ageing process.  It claims that its potent blend of super-ingredients support the life cycle of adult stem cells.  Confused?  I was.
So here’s the science-y bit straight from the FTN Energy horse’s mouth…

The science-y bit:

When stem cells divide, each new cell has the potential to become another cell with a specialised function, for example a muscle cell, or a red blood cell, or a skin cell and so on. New stem cells are able to migrate to an area of the body where they are needed most. This is vital in helping the body to heal and repair, replenish skin cells and to keep us looking young. 
However, the natural ageing process slows down this process. Considerable research, including research from the prestigious MIT, has shown that FTN’s unique blend is able to assist in helping adult stem cells to spread and divide, which when combined with proper diet and exercise work together to support the maintenance of optimal health and allow them to work more efficiently.

The FTN Energy drink contains five key ingredients which make magic:

Green Tea

Contains antioxidants that help maintain a healthy metabolism and support the health of your digestive tract. Green tea can also help improve skin health thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Wild Blueberry Extract

Rich in antioxidants, wild blueberry extract helps promote maintenance of a healthy brain, cardiovascular, vision, joint and urinary tract function.

Vitamin D

An essential nutrient needed by the body, it helps maintain healthy bones, teeth and a normal immune system. Vitamin D is mainly obtained from sunlight, so it is often in short supply through the winter months.

Amino Acids

Think of amino acids as pieces of a complex protein puzzle. They can be disassembled and reassembled to build and repair all kinds of tissue in the body. This makes them vitally important to every one of your body’s functions.

Organic Blue-Green Micro-Algae

The key ingredient, and only found in the FTN Energy drink, this super food is rich in proteins, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and a vast array of micro-nutrients that supercharge the body’s ability to maintain overall wellbeing.
So that’s the marketing spheel but of course, the proof is in the reviewing.
The drink comes in two different flavours, citrus and super berry.  I opted for the super berry.
FTN Believe boxes of energy drinks in Super Berry and Citrus flavour
FTN comes in Super Berry and Citrus flavour
I’ve been taking the energy drink – a 60ml shot – every day for 12 days.  How do I feel?  Well before all that, I want to tell you that the drink tastes bitter!  All those potent ingredients do not make a smoothie.
However, as it’s a shot it can be downed quickly, plus it’s not really about the taste (though I thought it worth a mention).

My review of the FTN Energy drink

Tasting aside, I’ve found that since taking the shot I’m less lethargic and have more energy, which is a real surprise for this time of year.  My energy levels seemed to make a subtle peak, and I’m not sure if this is the placebo effect, or the FTN Energy drink itself.
I’ve been getting up much earlier than usual on weekends (normally I’ll hide under the duvet until well after 10am).  Notably, I’ve also been working harder at the gym and recovering quicker.
Normally, my gym routine consists of five minutes on the treadmill, then the cross trainer, followed by some quick-burst planks.  This is punctuated with periods of boredom.
However, since taking the drink I’ve found that I can push myself harder during workouts, going 20 minutes on the cross trainer and working out until I’m puffed out, rather than giving up before.  I also haven’t been suffering the two days of pain and limping that usually follows a workout.
Now this could all be a wonderful coincidence.  And of course, things work differently on different people.
However, despite being a sceptic, it did seem like FTN was doing something, if not helping me along my day at the very least.  I guess the real proof would be now I’m not taking the drinks, to see if I go back to
my sluggish ways.
FTN Believe energy drink comescin two flavours


An open box of FTN Believe drinks
However, don’t just take my word for it.  You can try it out for yourself as I’m also giving away a 12-day supply of the FTN Energy drink in citrus flavour.  The competition is open to UK readers.
You can enter below in a number of ways.  So if you want to see if this works for you, throw your hat in the ring:


FTN Energy drink retails at £39.99, and is being sold online at www.ftnbelieve.com, on Amazon and stocked with specialist retailers Win Naturally.      

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