Little Mix Mascara review – surprisingly elongating

November 12, 2013
When I got a little surprise package the other day, I initially thought it may have been for someone else, as it was a Little Mix mascara.

Little Mix have collaborated on a makeup range with Collection, and I was sent some samples to review.

Now, I’m not a teen, nor a tween. Plus I don’t know much about Little Mix (though I do know that Perri is engaged to that Zayn off One Direction, so I’m not that out of touch). However, I am a fan of Collection 2000. Whilst I used to think that their range was the reserve of schoolgirls with small change, I totally changed my mind when I reviewed their eyeshadow pencils. The thick, shimmery pencils look amazing, last forever without creasing and are great value for money. Read my review here.
So, back to the Little Mix mascara. Well, I was given a mascara and two bronzers to try out for size (more about the bronzers in a separate review).The mascara is part of Jade’s collection – yes each girl has their own unique range.

Little Mix mascara review – first impressions

Initially I was a little unsure about the mascara. The wand is thin with short bristles, rather than the full and fluffy mascaras I normally use. I tried one coat, and felt that it didn’t really elongate my lashes. However, after a second, more thorough and generous application, my eyelashes were transformed a la Kim K. OK, maybe not her exaggerated proportions, but nonetheless, I was left with an impressively long flutter.


Little Mix mascara on the lashes side view
the side view of eyelashes adorned with Little Mix mascara
The one criticism I would have (and I must have one) is that the mascara didn’t quite separate the lashes am much as other, more expensive brands I have tried. I wouldn’t say they were clumpy, but some lashes stayed together. However, a bit of rigorous brushing, or a lash comb can resolve this.
Thankfully, the mascara didn’t cause any discomfort or itchiness, unlike other more expensive brands.
Which of course, leads me to my last point – the value for money. At £2.99, Little Mix’s mascara is a lot cheaper than many rival brands. And in fact, it’s a lot better than others. So having tried and tested, I’ve decided I won’t be giving my Jade mascara to my teenage sister. It’s not just for tweens and teens.
Little Mix mascara is available at most supermarkets, and some pharmacies, as well as Boots and Superdrug.

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