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August 25, 2013
It’s a bit of an unwritten rule that when it comes to beauty, the bigger the price tag, the better the product will be.  However, as I’ve found through tireless reviewing, it’s not always the case and the Collection eyeshadow pencil is a shining example of this. The pencils cost £3.95 each, but their quality exceeds their price tag.
I recently trialled five shades of the Collection eyeshadow pencil, see my swatches below:  
Eyeshadow swatches - black, brown, blue, grey, pink
Collection eyeshadow swatches with flash on
Eyeshadow swatches - black, brown, blue, grey, pink
Collection eyeshadow swatches with flash off

The Collection eyeshadow pencils swatched are (from L-R):

  • Midnight Glam 5 – a charcoal black shade with subtle silver glitter flecks
  • Hot Chocolate 4 – a shimmery brown shade with a hint of gold
  • Denim diva 6 – a gorgeous rich midnight blue shade
  • Gunmetal Glitz 2 – a silvery grey shade
  • Vintage Blush 3 – a pale pink shade
Each shade is blendable, smoothing on as a cream, yet drying like a shimmery powder.  Each pencil costs just £3.95, and I don’t exaggerate when I say this, but I would put these pencils on a par with much more expensive products from brands such as MAC and Urban Decay.
You can use the pencil as an eyeliner (albeit a rather chunky one – no fine lines with this one) or as an eyeshadow.
The colour glides on beautifully, and gives the same effect as a loose powder, but is much easier to control as you don’t get pesky flyaway pigments of colour.
However, the waterproof eyeshadow is almost stubbornly lasting.  So while you can blend and shade the colours, once applied, you can’t move the colour around as freely as a loose eyeshadow.
But my former point is a huge plus, as the eyeshadow doesn’t crease or fold and last all day.  I’ve now worn the shades in various combos and on various occasions, and can honestly say it’s one of the longest lasting eyeshadows I’ve tried.

Here are some looks I’ve created with the Collection eyeshadow pencils:

Left - Denim Diva with Vintage Blush. Right - Hot Chocolate with Vintage Blush
Left – Denim Diva with Vintage Blush.  Right – Hot Chocolate with Vintage Blush
A brown-bronze shimmer eyeshadow
Vintage Blush and Hot Chocolate


Collection - Vintage Blush and Denim Diva eyeshadow look
Vintage Blush and Denim Diva
Black and pink shimmery eyeshadow look
Vintage Blush and Midnight Glam
As you can see, the eyeshadows help even a novice like me create a half-decent eyeshadow look.
What I also love about Collection 2000’s eyeshadows is that you can create a unique look within minutes.  I’ve copied enough YouTube videos to realise that to create a nice eye look for a special occasion, you need an army brushes and a pallet of shades.
Not with Collection eyeshadow pencils – the looks I’ve created above take a matter of minutes, which is great for time-poor me.  I’ve simply applied the pencil straight onto the eye, and then blended slightly with a brush.  You can use your finger, but I feel a brush creates a more airbrushed look.
Of all the colours, the one you simple need is the Vintage Blush, as this creates a pale base for all the other colours.  It softens all the other darker shades, and also helps create contour and shade.  It was recommended to use as a brow highlighter, however I think it’s more
effective as a base.

My favourite shades

My favourite combo is the Vintage Blush with Hot Chocolate, as this is the most wearable for all occasions.  The pink offsets the brown, leaving a bronzed shade, which is great for Asian weddings.  Whereas Denim Diva and Midnight Glam are strictly for evening wear.
Anyway, at a cost of £3.95 each, there’s no reason why the most hard-up among us can’t own all the shades in the collection.
So girls, forget your preconceptions about Collection  and cheaper brands.  They’re not just the reserve of teenagers.  These eyeshadow pencils are long-lasting, wearable and versatile.  Not to mention huge value for money.

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