Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Bee Venom review

June 2, 2013
I was recently introduced to a new product – Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Bee Venom.  You might not have heard much about Bee Venom used in skincare, but it’s all the rage in the beauty world.  It’s the ingredient of the moment, not least because a certain Duchess of Cambridge reportedly swears by it.
As well as containing bee venom, the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish range claims to nurture cell regeneration. It also helps collagen formation, reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkles, as well as being paraben free.
Now the tricky thing about reviewing skincare which has anti-ageing benefits is that time will only tell if it works.  Also, Asian skin tends to wrinkles less anyway, and whilst still in my twenties, I might not be the best guinea pig.
Nonetheless, rather than use it for twenty years and then report back, for this review I’ll look at the benefits that I noticed instantly with the brand.

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Bee Venom review

I’ve been trying the ApiNourish Age-Defying Serum (£24.99 for 30ml), Restoring Night Cream (£24.99 for 50ml) and Rejuvenating Face Mask (£49.99 for 50ml) for a couple of months now.
When I first tried the range I was super impressed.  Firstly, it smells great (always helps).  But more importantly, it really does nourish the skin.
The mask has the consistency of a thick face cream.  Unlike most masks which sit on the surface, the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish mask seems to really penetrate the skin, and absorbs almost like a moisturiser.
Manuka Apinourish bee venom mask jar
After gently rinsing, you still feel like you have a layer of the mask on the skin, but not in a bad way, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but rather like it’s really moisturised.    
The contents of Manuka Doctor Apinourish bee venom mask
Manuka face mask
When using the primer in combination with the night cream, your skin does feel really soft and smooth. However, if you’ve got oily skin, it might feel a bit heavy or greasy.  I found it suited my skin really well, absorbed nicely and felt moisturised right through to the next morning.

However, while I thought the product was fab, I think my skin also works well with a less heavy duty face mask, primer and moisturiser, for a lower price.  I think it’s more the kind of thing I would turn to when I’m a little older, as that’s when the skin becomes drier.

So overall, I really rate the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Bee Venom range, but the price tag might not suit all budgets, unless of course you’re a duchess.

Manuka Doctor is sold through, Holland and Barrett, selected Tesco stored and selected Lloyds pharmacies.

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