Review: Hand creams for dry skin

March 17, 2013
Winter has ravaged my hands – fact.  So there’s no better time carry out a hand cream shootout.
See below a selection of hand creams that have been tested on my not-so-fair hands.  I’ve detailed the marketing spheel as well as my thoughts.
Australian Bodycare tea tree oil hand cream is paraben free
Australian Bodycare hand cream

Hand creams for dry skin

Australian Bodycare 
Hand Cream (£9.99, 50ml)

The marketing spheel: Australian Bodycare Hand Cream contains 1% Tea-Tree Oil to help kill any bacteria, whilst also offering intensive nourishment for dry, cracked hands. Shea Butter and Argan Oil moisturise the skin, whilst Allantoin helps to reduce the signs of ageing. The multi- tasking hand cream is easily absorbed so won’t leave hands feeling greasy. The formula is a gentle and paraben- and perfume-free. 
My thoughts: one of the key components of Australian Body Care is Tea-Tree Oil, and you can tell by the smell.  I for one am fairly acquainted with Tea Tree Oil (it was my spot-fighting saviour back in the day), so the smell didn’t particularly offend me, however, it might be too strong for some noses.  Also, if you’re looking for a nice-perfume smelling cream, this won’t be for you. However, my husband quite likes the smell, so maybe it’s one for the boys as well as the Tea Tree tolerant ladies like me.
Most importantly, it is very moisturising, absorbs well and doesn’t feel greasy. Plus, the Tea-Tree Oil makes your hands feel clean as well as moisturised.  So in my view, it’s very much hand gel meets hand cream.  This is great for if you don’t like using the drying, alcohol-laden gels, but want a clean, refreshing feeling from your cream.
I’d give Australian Body Care’s hand cream 7.5/10.  It moisturises well, but I’m factoring in that the smell wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.      
Eau Thermale Avene Cold Cream hand cream features thermal spring water
Eau Thermale Avene

Eau Thermale Avène Hand Cream with Cold Cream (£7.50, 75ml), Boots 

The marketing spheel:Eau Thermale Avène Hand Cream is formulated with nourishing Cold Cream and Avène Thermal Spring Water. This luxurious, silky hand cream provides care and protection for dry, chapped and irritated hands. It also contains sucralfate, a powerful healing agent
used in medical products which allows for rapid tissue regeneration.
My thoughts: I’ve used the Eau Thermale Avene range before, namely their cleansers, lotion and spring water toner.  So I’m already a fan.  Eau Thermale as a range is light and ideal for sensitive skins so there’s little chance of irritation from their products.  However, I initially did wonder whether the hand cream would be a little too light, but I was proven wrong.
It smoothes on easily, moisturises well and leaves your hand feeling soft.  I really like the light, clean fragrance too, as it’ lightly perfumes without being overpowering.  Overall, it’s a really nice cream and
delivers what it promises.  Also, at £7.50, it’s not reasonable for what you get.
I’d give Eau Thermal Avene’s hand cream 9/10.  It’s beautifully moisturising and  smells great.
Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil range features hand and nail cream
Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil hand and nail cream

Dr Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream (£5.99, 100ml), Holland & Barrett

The marketing spheel: Dr Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream is a fast absorbing, deeply hydrating and nutritious hand and nail cream formulated with a tropical blend of organic oils and fruit extracts,. The tropical bioactive formulation is a powerhouse of natural, long-lasting moisturising protection using Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Dr Organic's hand and nail cream features honey
Dr Organic Anti Aging

hand and nail cream
My thoughts: I’ve tried this hand cream a few times, and I think it’s more one for the summer months, or for those with oily skin who don’t need a heavier hand cream.  It’s light and absorbs quickly, but I don’t feel it packs the moisturising punch I need for the winter.
The smell is OK, but like the Australian Bodycare Hand Cream, it might not agree with everyone.  I’ve also tried a Dr Organic Hand Cream in Royal Jelly (£6.19 for 125ml), which also boasts honey, propolis,
Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin C and sweet almond oil in its impressive list of ingredients.  I prefer this to the
Coconut Oil hand cream, as its more moisturising and I prefer the smell.  As for the Anti-aging benefits, I would need to conduct a much longer review to test this claim.
However, it’s worth noting that this is the cheapest of the hand creams I’ve tried.  So it’s affordable for most budgets.
I’m giving Dr Organic’s hand cream 6.5/10.  I think it’ll be an ideal cream in the summer, and I’m also factoring in that it is cheaper than all the others brands in this review. 
Trilogy's ultra moisturising hand cream
Trilogy hand cream

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream (£12.50, 75ml),

The Marketing spheel: Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream sinks rapidly into the skin, delivering instant intensive hydration and antioxidant protection for super smooth, super soft hands.
With a deeply nourishing combination of marula and certified organic rosehip oils, Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream also incorporates manuka honey to soften and protect.  Oat extract soothes dry or chapped skin, providing a natural barrier against moisture loss, while antioxidant-rich white tea extract rejuvenates skin and helps protect against free radical damage
My thoughts: This is a dream of a hand cream.  Super softening, helps dry and chapped skin if used for a long period.  I also found that I didn’t need to reapply this cream during the day.
Even after a little handwashing (without hand gel or liquid), my hands still felt moisturised.  It also absorbs beautifully.  The smell is amazing too, as you really note the oils in the ingredients.  Honestly, it’s hard to fault this cream!
The downside?  As the most expensive of the bunch, it might stretch some people’s budgets.  But I think it is one hand cream where you really do get what you paid for.
I want to give trilogy’s hand cream full marks, but in the interests of fairness, I will deduct a point fairly on cost as it may not be affordable for all.  So it’s still an impressive 9/10.  

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