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AKA cosmetics makeup
AKA Cosmetics
I’m always very excited when a new makeup brand is launched.  So when AKA Cosmetics – the new kids in town – invited me to their launch party, I was honoured.
However, there was one problem – the event was in London, and I live in Manchester and
was unable to attend that day.
It’s a real shame that all the great beauty and skincare events take place in the Capital, as I often end up feeling like the poor relation up north.
However, keen not to leave me out, the gorgeous girls being AKA send me a couple of products as well as pics from the day.  How good are they?!
AKA Comsetics makeup launch
AKA Launch


AKA Comsetics review

They sent me a base coat nail polish and liquid eyeliner.  But before I go into that, I thought I’d give a nod to how minimal and sleek their packaging is.  It’s like Bobby Brown inverted – white with black text.   

I know that’s really superficial, but if something is nicely packaged and presented, you’re always more impressed and proud to have it in your makeup bag.  It’s not the be-all, end-all, but it sure helps.    

Anyway, the nail polish base itself is nice, but one thing I noticed is that it didn’t come on so smoothly and I noticed ridges.  However, as this is the base coat, I imagine the top coat would iron it out.         

The liquid eyeliner was a brown shade, not a colour I’d ever used before as I always stick to black.  However, it actually looked ok.  It wasn’t too light for my skin, and actually looked less harsh than the carbon colour I normally go for.     

Brown eyeliner on Asian skin
AKA liquid eye liner in brown


I don’t think I’ll be binning the black eyeliner anytime soon, however for the times I want a softer, less dramatic look, this may just come out. I think it would look particularly good with green or yellow eyeshadow, as the contrast wouldn’t be so sharp.
What most impressed me about the eyeliner was its staying power. Unlike some inferior liquid eye liners which smudge, fade, or make my eyes water, AKA’s liquid liner didn’t really budge.  Even when – wait for it – a power nap turned into an hour long snooze (it is Ramadan, leave me alone).
AKA Cosmetic’s liquid eyeliner is £7 and the top coat goes for £5.
There is obviously a whole range to AKA Cosmetics and I barely scratched the surface, but for more, go to: http://akacosmetics.com/.

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