Max Factor Cream Blush swatch and review

My little travel pot of Max Factor Cream Blush in soft pink
Do you ever find that the best makeup products are sometimes the ones we forget we’ve got?
I recently experienced this when I discovered a super-cute three-year-old blusher I’d never even used before!
I was emptying my makeup bag of shavings and slightly scuzzy, out-of-date cosmetics, when I came across a small Max Factor Cream Blush in Soft Pink.
It came for free at the Max Factor counter after making an additional purchase of something I didn’t need.
You know how it is, you see a promotion which says spend £25 or more and get a free cosmetic purse with mascara, lipstick and blusher worth over £30.
It’s often the case that the contents of the free makeup bag are so not worth over £30.
They’re usually miniatures that can’t be sold individually, and the makeup bag itself is either ugly/inconvenient/comes with a broken zip.

A sucker for a freebie

Yet, sucker that I am, I will often bump up the price of my purchase to meet the criteria for this freebie.
So I ended up with a foundation and mismatched concealer in order to get a red satin makeup bag from Max Factor, containing a beige sample of foundation that wouldn’t suit me, mascara and the aforementioned blusher.
I made good use of the mascara, but the foundation languished in my makeup bag and the blusher was quickly forgotten.
That was until now.
Uncovering the small sample of blusher one morning, I thought I’d give it a try before binning.  I was surprised with the result.
I’d not used a cream blush before and the shade – a light, candy coloured pink – was also a break from my usual cheek colour.
As you can see from the swatch below, it comes on almost fluorescent, but once smudged into the skin, it tones down and leaves you with a light flush which is totally flattering!
Pink cream blush swatched on arm
In terms of staying power, like all blushers, it fades a little throughout the day, but doesn’t disappear. Though it would say it doesn’t last as long as a tint, link Benetint for example.
The other thing I would say about a cream blush is that it’s not great for contouring.  So for a structured look, I would stick to a powder blusher applied with a brush.
Overall, I really like the cream blush, but the bigger lesson in this blog post is don’t ignore the makeup that’s at the bottom of your makeup bag – you might just find a real treat.

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